Tuesday, October 20, 2020

To the Editor:

We asked for delivery of your paper after finding our first issue many months ago at a Teaneck pizza shop.  We live 20 minutes from Teaneck and have been going out of our way to pick up your paper until last month, when we happily found the paper delivered to our front door early in the morning. We now receive it regularly every two weeks.

Todah rabah for the very interesting and informative new paper!!

Sandra & Howard Kaplan,

Woodcliff  Lake, NJ

To the Editor:

It is with great interest that I read Rabbi Glick’s answer to So Fed Up.  Obviously, I cannot give you my name, but I have been there and done that. So I am offering an alternative answer to So Fed Up about how she should deal with a lout of a husband who seems to hate himself more than he cares about her. Otherwise, he would take care of himself.

I found it interesting that she wrote to a rabbi for her response, when she should have spoken to some older women who have been through this exact same scenario with their husbands. Nagging does not work, and no, she is not his mommy. He is a grown up man who does what he wants and nagging will only make things worse.


So I offer some really practical, although cruel-sounding advice to So Fed Up.

Lady, take matters into your own hands. I fought this battle for decades and finally had an epiphany: If your husband wants to commit suicide by sugar, make sure you take out a good life insurance policy that will take care of you in your old age, IMMEDIATELY, before he gets too sick and it becomes impossible to get one. You should do this any way, under all and any circumstances, even if you have to get another job to pay the premiums. Do not let him leave you high and dry, with nothing to live out of except a shopping cart.

Then give him the phone number for the funeral home. Tell him to make his own arrangements, since a funeral is cheaper than a divorce. If he still insists on doing what he wants to do, be a good wife and help him. Feed him what he wants when he wants it. Hand him the TV listings and buy him a big screen TV, with a chair that is so comfortable that he will fall asleep watching NCIS reruns and old movies. His “cave” should have  a built in fridge for sodas, and plenty of space for his Reese’s peanut butter cups. Keep him supplied with his favorite nosh. Do not deprive him. Then start putting your money away for a “little work,” join a gym, spruce up your sheitel and wardrobe, start attending shul events and local meetings without him—and make sure he knows that you’ve started checking out matchmaking sites to see which one suits your needs best and will help find you the best companion possible for your old age as soon as you finish your aveilus.  If that doesn’t get him to change his ways, follow the directions from the top again, this time for your own sake. And please, do not blame yourself for his stupid ways. Do NOT let him drag you down. And when he finally succeeds in killing himself, you can move on without guilt.

Signed in Sisterhood,

Been There and Done That

To the Editor:

In your article, “Frank Pallone:  Official Heir to the Lautenberg Legacy,” Frank Pallone states that “the Affordable Care Act is one of the best pieces of legislation Congress ever passed.”  If this is so, why is Congress exempt and why are many large companies exempt?


Why is its implementation postponed until after the 2014 midterm elections?  Why do 57% of Americans disapprove of it?


The Tea Party is threatening to defund Obamacare, and only Obamacare, not the entire government.  Mr. Pallone should get his facts straight and not use leftist talking points.  If the government shuts down, it will be the Obama administration doing it and blaming the Republicans.

I also feel that you should have interviewed the Republican candidates running in the special primary for US Senator, not only the Democratic candidates.  Your readers deserve to learn about ALL the candidates that were running at the time and not be denied this information because “pundits, polls and opinionaters have declared the seat a Democratic one.”  By not including the Republican candidates, you are guaranteeing the perpetuity of this Democratic seat.

Rosalie Greenberg

Teaneck, NJ    

Ed. Note: The Republican candidate for the U.S. will be in this paper when he agrees to be interviewed.