Saturday, March 25, 2023

Your recent editorial, “The ‘Red’ Flag of Philadelphia” (July 28, 2016), about the Democratic National Convention coping with a splinter group that was disruptive, is true. It is also true that some of the group-held views were anti-Israel.

However, they did not control the convention. Their extreme anger and furious behavior was the result of the fact that they could not get their way.

At the opening session their voices were heard. But as the convention proceeded to its conclusion, any TV watcher would have been impressed by the unity and idealism expressed. No anti-Israel comments occurred.

Finally, the convention’s platform on Israel is at least as favorable as that of any past administration.

If your readers think there is any other choice, let them beware of the fascist overtones of “just believe in me.” One-man rule leads to chaos. Both can be expected.

Mishel Greenberg


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