Monday, March 27, 2023

I’ve always admired Senator Joe Lieberman. Throughout his 24 years in the Senate he reached across party lines to solve problems. Unfortunately, that’s become increasingly rare in Washington. Whether a Democrat or Independent, Lieberman was always one of Israel’s strongest defenders in Washington.

I was very excited to see that Senator Lieberman was in Teaneck recently (“Finding Common Ground in Teaneck With Senator Joe Lieberman,” September 15, 2016) to endorse Josh Gottheimer for Congress. Lieberman was representing his group, No Labels, which believes in solving problems, not conforming to one political party or the other.  He called Josh the ideal “No Labels candidate” and I agree. Josh is fiscally conservative and socially progressive. He’s a successful businessman, where in the private sector getting things done requires reaching across the table and bringing people together. Josh will work to cut taxes and red tape to grow our economy. He will invest in our children’s education. And like Lieberman, he will be a fierce advocate for Israel’s security.

Our current Congressman, Scott Garrett, is the poster child for partisan politics. He’s a dangerous ideologue who fights for the Tea Party, not us. That’s why I’m proud to follow Joe Lieberman’s lead and endorse Josh Gottheimer for Congress in the 5th district.


Joanne Levine

River Vale

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