Friday, March 24, 2023

As an alumnus of both Yavneh Academy and TABC, I was extremely insulted by Rabbi Bob Mark’s letter in last week’s Jewish Link of New Jersey (“Our Students Must Be Taught Basic Hebrew Reading Skills,” January 5, 2017). Using my eight to 10 years (and an additional four years on Hebrew coursework at YU), I have been able to not only hold regular conversations in Hebrew, but I have been fortunate enough to conduct business in Hebrew as well. To make untrue statements of large impact in a public setting is inappropriate.

While the rabbi may not have been impressed with this one student’s Hebrew knowledge, to make bold and unequivocal comments about the lacking curriculum in schools where he is surely not a teacher is not only incorrect but irresponsible.

As the teacher in the “Appreciation for Teachers” (“Appreciation for Teachers Is Not Just About Financial Rewards,” January 5, 2017) letter to the editor, conveniently juxtaposed to Rabbi Mark’s letter, had stated: Teachers work very hard, very often with tight budgets and out of pocket expenses. While the rabbi may feel that these schools’ curricula are lacking, the appropriate thing to do would be to contact the schools privately and suggest ways to improve, rather than publicly besmirching the good names of the schools in our area.

Michael Goldsmith


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