Thursday, March 23, 2023

I would like to comment on your most interesting article “Did Moses Have a Speech Impediment: Part 1” (May 18, 2017). Rather than cite numerous sources, I just want to say that a Google search of the words “Moses stuttering” yields countless sources affirming that he had a stuttering problem.

I just want to mention something that could help The Jewish Link readers with kids in both public, private and Jewish schools. Few people know that every child in the U.S. has the right to free speech therapy. All children are eligible as it does not depend on a family’s income. The free therapy encompasses every type of speech problem. It is part of 40-year-old federal legislation and can begin as early as preschool and run through high school. A brochure explaining the free therapy titled “Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter” is available on the website of The Stuttering Foundation (www.stutteringhelp.org).

The website of this nonprofit organization is a wealth of free resources and a fountain of information. In terms of stuttering specifically, I also want to recommend the most helpful websites of both The Jewish Stuttering Association (www.jstutter.org) and the Israel Stuttering Association (www.ambi.org.il).

Adam Lichter

Springfield, MA


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