Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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I know everyone is tired of hearing about COVID-19, but the number of “Baruch Dayan Ha’emes” emails I have received in only two days is staggering. What shocks me to no end is that people are still not practicing social distancing. I have seen playdates between children and adults as well. I’ve heard excuses as to why they think it’s ok. It’s not ok. You are not special. Do you think you won’t be affected by this virus? This virus does not discriminate. It doesn’t care that you need to see your friends every day. This virus wants to survive. It wants to replicate in its hosts; it doesn’t care who those hosts are.

Schools have closed. Retail stores have closed. Shuls have closed and rabbis are davening b’yechidus in their own homes. This is a reminder to everyone that you need to be staying with your own family and household. You can go out for a walk to get fresh air but still follow the protocols for distancing. People are getting sick. People are dying. Is it going to take losing someone you know for you to wake up and realize this is not a joke? And if you’re not going to do it for the sake of the virus, then do it for the sake of not making a chillul Hashem because your non-Jewish neighbors can see you too. Also do it for the sake of teaching your children that you listen to the gedolim and the medical professionals who know what they are talking about.