Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Gershon Distenfeld presents (or should I say, re-presents) in “A Viral Opportunity: Response, Resolution and Revolution,” (May 7, 2020) the idea of a communal organization that would support yeshiva needs in Bergen County—NNJKIDS. I do not recall the year it was formed, but I did support it.

I do not recall why it did not succeed and would like to know what has changed that will insure its success, especially now with the current economic situation we are in? Many more families will have difficulty paying tuition and many families whose children are grown and would normally support this effort may themselves fall on hard times. It just leaves a smaller pool of financially secure families to support this effort. I am sure schools are already reviewing their budgets to see where they can reduce expenses (which can at least hold the cost of tuition and hopefully reduce it somewhat). I am not saying NNJKIDS won’t work, I am just asking for more specifics to insure it will work.

William Hochman
Fair Lawn