Monday, January 18, 2021

The problem with not wearing a face mask outside (“Take Seriously, but Don’t Scare,” May 14, 2020) is that studies have shown that “just talking can launch thousand of droplets that can remain suspended in the air for 8 to 14 minutes.” This means that wearing a mask is a protection against spreading the virus to others.

Unfortunately, while not intending to stop and talk, it invariably happens and those without masks are needlessly putting others at risk. Additionally, even when not stopping, without a mask droplets can be launched which remain suspended for someone else to walk by later and get infected.

We have lost many people in our community, while others have been seriously infected with this dreaded virus. Anything that can prevent further infection should be pursued; wearing a mask outside is doing a chesed for others. Until a vaccine is available, we should be scared into performing any safety actions possible. Publishing Mr. Pollack’s letter is really a disservice, especially to older and more vulnerable members of our community.

Frank Breslau