Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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Last week, The Jewish Link published a letter to the editor by Name Withheld Upon Request (“Support the Black Community, Not Black Lives Matter,” June 18, 2020).  The anonymous author referred to the man whose life was wrongfully and violently taken by a police officer on May 25, as “George Lloyd.” I am not sure at whom to direct my outrage. Is it to the nameless person who wrote the letter? Or, perhaps it should be aimed at the editorial staff who published such an egregious mistake? Or, maybe the author was erroneously referring to an early prime minister of the United Kingdom, Lloyd George, in which case the content of the rest of the letter is confusing.

But, assuming the letter writer intended to make a political, or at least humanist, statement about the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, perhaps his or her message would have been better received had he or she gotten George Floyd’s name right. If you won’t say your name, at least say his name.

Adam Hertzberg