Saturday, August 15, 2020

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Last week, July 23, you printed a news item entitled “Poll: Democrats, Voters in Battleground States Trend Overwhelmingly Pro-Israel.” As one reads the article, the true facts are revealed: 68% of Democrats describe themselves as pro-Israel and 63% oppose reducing U.S. security assistance to Israel. Is that an overwhelming majority? Twenty-nine percent want the 2020 Democratic platform to be more pro-Palestinian. How the organization, the Democratic Majority for Israel, can slant the interpretation of a poll!

Now that Congressman Eliot Engel, the head of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee has lost in the primary to progressive socialist, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Jamaal Bowman, who will now join Bernie Sanders and the leftist Squad, the Democratic Party is quickly changing, for the worse.

As American Jews, is Israel our only concern? We live in the U.S. When the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, calls the federal agents sent to Portland to protect federal property “stormtroopers”; when anarchy is allowed to reign in the cities of Democratic mayors and governors; when our beloved Congressman Josh Gottheimer, who is admired for being pro-Israel, can vote twice to impeach President Trump, on flimsy evidence, something is terribly wrong, wrong with the Democratic Party.

Martin Polack