Sunday, September 27, 2020

As a diligent follower of The Jewish Link, I felt that Yoni Epstein’s letter “Summer Camp Wasn’t All Great,” dated September 3, 2020, criticizing the paper’s coverage of the success of Jewish summer camps, was unfairly critical. We needed this success story. We knew the pluses and the minuses of this adventure. I hope most of us were rooting for this experiment to succeed, even if a very few kids might have needed to be sidelined. We have lived for so many months with the fear of this virus and still are, I don’t think there was any danger of us forgetting that there was some risk. Two of our grandchildren had a very positive experience with camp Mesorah, which relocated to Pennsylvania, even as it started with some trepidation on our part. Our lives have become simplified, and in so many ways diminished by the circumstances, so, as we contemplate ways to cope and endure the social isolation, it felt good to see that with sufficient preparation and determination, the ones prepared to take a small measure of risk (and let us not forget that for children of camp age, the risk is indeed very very small), came out beaming with hope on the other side. Let’s hope this is a positive step towards overcoming the fear of setbacks with the start of the real school experience for our children and grandchildren.

Etta Novick, MD