Sunday, March 07, 2021

I enjoyed reading Robert Isler’s article “Fair Lawn Mikvah Project is Truly A Community Effort” (December 31, 2020), which beautifully conveyed the excitement of our community regarding the renovation of our mikvah. There is, however, one point which I must correct. I became the administrator of the Fair Lawn Mikvah in 2002. Our first administrator for approximately 15 years was Phyllis Gershon, my good friend and mentor. During Phyllis’s tenure, the mikvah grew from a small local service to a resource for all of Bergen County, including mikvah users and brides from other communities, not in small part due to her selfless devotion. After Phyllis stepped down as administrator, she remained on our committee and continues to be a source of advice and leadership for the Fair Lawn Mikvah.

Dossy Brandstatter
Fair Lawn