Thursday, February 25, 2021

I was incredibly disappointed with The Jewish Link’s decision to run the letter “Objections to Two LGBT Bills” in the January 7 edition. Regardless of the specifics of these two bills, the letter published was shameful, offensive, and beneath the standards of our community newspaper. Unabashed discrimination and lack of empathy oozed from every word of this letter, as the writer used phrases such as “revulsion,” “immoral” and “abominable,” while presenting it as a “war for the very souls of our children.”

While this topic is undoubtedly a complicated religious and communal issue, it should at least be approached with a basic level of respect and decency, and refrain from insulting our friends, family, coworkers and members of the community, some of whom undoubtedly read this paper. As this paper expands its reach into other communities, I urge you not to forget the diverse community that you represent. A community that espouses beliefs like the ones described in that letter is not one I want to be a part of.

Amir Bednarsh