Monday, March 01, 2021

It’s great reading all the letters to your paper praising President Donald Trump, but sadly most of them end the same—“name withheld by request.” Driving around Teaneck during the months leading up to the election, I would see a sprinkling of Biden signs, but not a single Trump sign, even though I know many of my neighbors voted for the president. Those Biden signs are still up, buried in the snow. Left up long after the election as a sign of coolness, a badge of wokeness.

The president went from being a pop icon to one of the most vilified people around. And the circle of hate keeps expanding from the president himself to his family, to all those who put their private lives on hold to help him govern, and now to 75 million of us who voted for him. Any association with, or support of, President Trump is thought to be utterly morally corrupt.

Much of this was accomplished with the help of the mainstream media. The media has forfeited its role and now operates blindly in support of the Democratic party. This media has been lying to us throughout.

I won’t list all the lies here—it is too long a list, but I will focus on the latest distortions. The protests our country has gone through during these past eight months have been “peaceful,” and this is being told to us with a straight face as fires burn in the background. The Democratic party was actually encouraging the chaos, but that’s a different story. Then there is the big one: Donald Trump summoned his white supremist followers to storm the Capitol. That is an absurd accusation. There is no proof of this. Now the media is trying to convince us that crime has not risen in this country; all the while the numbers show a different story. And this very media is currently calling for the establishment of a “Truth Commission!” Are we in the twilight zone?

But the greatest fraud of all is convincing the American people that the slogan Make America Great Again is racist. Speaking to a black audience, Biden said in the mocking tone of a Southern preacher about the GOP, “They will put y’all back in chains.” How positively vulgar a statement. And somehow the media has helped make it stick. Make America Great Again is a racist call to action and not a call to be No. 1 again. Never mind that the U.S. has slipped in every measurable standard: infant mortality: 33rd place; life expectancy: 26th place; literacy: 7th place; productivity: 5th place; internet connectivity: 27th place; infrastructure quality: 13th place; math scores: 38th place (!); science scores: 27th place, and on and on … We are no longer at or near the top! And yet MAGA = RACISM!

The media is now calling for a reckoning. Will we be called before tribunals to explain our support of conservative values or Donald Trump?? We are in dangerous territory.

Sam Rappaport