Monday, June 14, 2021

In this latest iteration of terrorist violence against Israel, we saw the free press in our democracy questioning the right of a nation to defend itself against terrorist attacks. Hamas was allowed to cite whatever civilian casualties they wanted and this was repetitively quoted without proof. It seems Israeli munitions solely strike women and children, not the Arab terrorist hiding behind them. This was followed by elected U.S. representatives alleging apartheid and genocide claims against Israel. There were threats to limit American aid to Israel. Then there were violent attacks against identifiable Jews in the streets of American cities. Synagogues were closed out of fear.

The response of the Jewish community in America was tepid at best.

If Jews do not perceive their own rights and lives as important, we can hardly expect others to care. If we do not stand up loudly and clearly against our enemies and their lies, we simply embolden them and endanger ourselves.

Scott David Lippe, MD
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