Thursday, January 20, 2022

The article “Rinat Honors R’ Adler’s Legacy” (August 5, 2021) mentions numerous ways in which Rabbi Adler has had an enormous impact on Teaneck generally and Congregation Rinat Yisrael in particular. I would just like to add one point in connection with Rabbi Adler’s teaching.

The article states that Rabbi Adler is a “master teacher” and “spread[s] Torah learning for all ages and all levels of ability.” While this is categorically true, I just want to underscore (what is surely already known to all Rinat members) that Rabbi Adler’s facility to teach to all levels is not merely by delivering one class to those with a high-level background and another to those with a lesser and even very little background. Rather, within the very same shiur or lecture, Rabbi Adler has an incredible skill to reach individuals of many different levels, such that all of them gain immeasurably from his teaching. For example, over the past 25-plus years, I have always been amazed with the very diverse attendees — from rabbanim to those who received little to no yeshiva education—of Rabbi Adler’s Gemara shiur on Shabbat afternoons (which also included many non-members of Rinat), who just wanted to enjoy a good shiur.

Thank you, Rabbi Adler. We all look forward to continuing to learn from you.

Elie Berman
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