Monday, October 18, 2021

In response to last week’s Jewish Link article “Wearing a Mask Can Help Your Child Learn” (September 9, 2021), I must, on every level, speak out against it. I am writing as a mother and grandmother. There is nothing more sad and disheartening (and against nature!) than walking past a child who is masked up. I want to cry every time I see this. It is well known that nothing is more meaningful and intimate than communicating with a child with everyone’s full face visible.

There is not a single benefit that is achieved by a child “masking up.” It was so disappointing to read an article that attempted to put a spin to this, making it into a benefit: advancing social and cognitive skills, improving self control, and an honorable community act. If that is the case, why ever do away with it??

I will not cite here all the studies that indicate how detrimental the masks have been. Nor will I mention here how ineffective (and dirty!) the masks actually are. But I will note how saddened I am to see an article like this written in my community newspaper. People look for valid, factual information not for opinions masquerading as fact.

Valerie S. Mirwis
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