Friday, December 03, 2021

Nina’s vivid description in The Jewish Link (“Broken” November 12, 2021) clearly conveys the depth of void and emptiness experienced by the loss of Rabbi Mordechai Glick, her confidant, soul mate and best friend. Hidden emotional tears were held in abeyance while soaking up her heartfelt words; reading Nina’s valiant depiction of the heartwrenching inevitable experience we will all have to endure during the difficult cycle of life at one time or another.

With full emunah in recognizing that Hashem has a plan, she eloquently describes that even the continued nachat, endearing support and endless care from her beautiful children, grandchildren and family, cannot replace the warmth and completion of her devoted husband, a”h. Through ups and downs, thick and thin, it is obvious that their marriage was one of endless trust and devotion. Nina should be comforted to know that her experience of completion during her marital years was truly a blessing from Hashem that not all couples have the luxury of enjoying during their lifetime. Time does have a way of healing but the intense love of her “other half,” her ezer kenegda, will truly resonate forever and wherever.

Ruby Kaplan
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