Friday, December 03, 2021

I would like to thank Ms. Schreiber (“A Look at the Science.” November 18, 2021) and Mr. Reich (“Dr. Wisotsky: Please Be More Persuasive,” November 18, 2021) for their kind words and concern for our children. However, I must disagree with their conclusions, as the data does not support them. It is no secret that there is much controversy related to the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine, whether due to misinformation, conspiracy theories or mistrust of government organizations. If anyone does a little bit of research, as both Ms. Schreiber and Mr. Reich have, they can find “experts” and various studies to bolster their points of view. I have neither the inclination nor the expertise to refute each one of these instances, nor do I expect to change anyone’s opinion who is “dug in” to their point of view. This does not obviate the fact that the overwhelming preponderance of medical and scientific evidence favors vaccination. To date, over one million children in the 5-11 year age group have been vaccinated without any significant untoward effect.

What I find particularly disturbing is the use of statistics to discuss the morbidity and mortality of COVID in children as not statistically significant. In my mind, a single preventable death of a child is a tragedy. We have a tradition that says saving a single life is akin to saving the entire world. To me that is statistically significant.

David Wisotsky, MD
Tenafly Pediatrics
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