Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Your columnist David Roher is a wonderful person. I love his write-ups of all things athletic, especially when I’m included, and his father is the cutest senior citizen in the universe. However, in his last episode of his NYC Marathon adventure (“The 2021 NYC Marathon: Part 3” February 3, 2022), he erroneously claimed that I had walked the race weeks after hip replacement surgery. Now I should point out that I’m a passionate fitness-minded gentleman, but I’m not clinically insane. I in fact did have my hip replacement surgery, but this was several days after the marathon. I am currently recovering nicely, with my new hip, and my old, good, fully functioning rational brains intact. I’ll see David again at the next marathon, and at several intervals in between, where most of the time, he’ll be wearing shorts, no matter the weather.

Martin Bodek


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