Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Much has been written and commented concerning the waves of terrorism currently taking place in Israel. None have encapsulated the effects of these actions as powerfully as the following few quotes from a Jerusalem Post article published on May 7, 2022.

Oren Ben Yiftah was the first murdered in Elad, the father of five. His 5-year-old son, Rafael, commented, “Dad when will you return? When will you pick me up from school? I love you.” His 7-year-old brother, Noam, stated, “I already miss you. Why did this happen to you? I don’t believe that you will no longer come to my school. I’m afraid that there will be no one to take care of me like you. I promise I will take care of my mother and my sisters.”

No matter the age or stature of an individual, I doubt whether one will find purer expressions regarding the horror of this terrorism.

Howard J. Cohn
New Milford
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