Sunday, May 28, 2023

Having read with interest Rabbi Green’s letters, it is obvious that the rabbi has undertaken measures based on his sincere concern for the plight of the agunah to resolve satisfactorily for all parties.

I know Lonna well and she is a lady to be admired for her poise, grace, stature, strength and success as the founding broker of Rodeo Realty in Monsey. Her bitachon and emunah in Hashem never falters and she has been steadfastly attempting to solve her agunah problem by mercilessly waiting over 18 years for a get. To add insult to injury, her ex claims he received 100 signatures from collective rabbis as a heter that he may remarry, even though his previous wife remains in bondage.

The travesty and gravity of the situation continues endlessly. The siruv was actually removed in 2010, to no avail. All along, no get was granted and it took a whole year to have the siruv reinstated to continue the perpetrator’s isolation from the community. The international Orthodox Beit Din formed by Rabbi Simcha Krauss actually grants a p’tire decree that she can remarry, yet the other beit dins continue to claim that they do not uphold the decree from that beit din, so the saga continues.

This past parsha focuses on the high ideal of “Tzedek, tzedek tirdof”; our basic tenet of Judaism is to pursue justice to its height. Rabbi Sacks, zt”l, in last week’s column, eloquently addressed why there are so many Jewish lawyers, with the ultimate conclusion being that they wish to uphold “justice for all.” And here justice must be pursued as well. At this point, it is obvious and clear the victim needs to be released now!

Throughout the Torah, we see how the woman is always held in high esteem, yet it may be misconstrued by naysayers. I typically refute the expression that it is a man’s world, but as in this case, I wonder if it may prove true?

I join Rabbi Green in expressing our prolonged frustration that this heinous issue continues to haunt us with no rabbinical resolve. This conundrum is a stain and a blight on klal Yisrael and needs to be addressed immediately!

Rabbis, are you paying attention?? Please get involved and finally lead us to a successful solution.

Ruby Kaplan
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