Saturday, April 01, 2023

This past Thursday was a glorious day weather wise after the cold and rainy Yom Kippur day we had. I had to take a walk along Trafalgar and I witnessed a young man about 17 years old, biking up the block ahead of me in the middle of the road. Mind you there were very few cars passing by as it was around 2:30 p.m. The car was seemingly in a rush as it sped up behind him and gave him a quick toot of his horn. The biker did not react quickly enough (perhaps not at all) and the car behind him impatiently sped around him, where he missed grazing him by a hair’s-breadth. For me it was frightening to witness. I wondered at that moment whether the biker had ear pods in his ears listening to something and did not instantly hear the horn, although that is my assumption. I am sending this to the community to please tell your loved ones not to be in the street either walking or biking with something connected to your ears, which will limit one’s ability to be aware of surroundings and react more quickly. Just sending this out to help keep everyone as safe as possible because it seems that we are all in a big hurry most of the time.

Stacey Gardin
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