Saturday, March 25, 2023

The writer of the article titled “For Ourselves and Our Children, We Must Be Better (at Making Some Room),” September 29, 2022, along with the letter to the editor cited within, hits the nail on the head. Truthfully, our children follow our lead. We must set examples for them in so many areas.

I have one idea to add. The writer mentioned adults as well as those children/teenagers who are able to make their own social plans. Overlooked are the younger toddlers and children that are dependent on their parents to make their social plans. Don’t overlook that child who perhaps has a physical, social or learning issue. Or that child who doesn’t attend a mainstream yeshiva or may attend public school. Call up the parent of that child to set up a playdate. Set a good example for your child and let’s hope he will follow in your footsteps as he grows older when he can make his own plans.

Lydia Isak
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