Monday, March 27, 2023

I was delighted to hear that Dave Gruber is once again running for trustee for the Teaneck Board of Education (“Moving Teaneck Forward, Together! But Only If You VOTE!” October 4, 2022).

His previous tenure was marked by his professionalism, his demand for the highest standards in education, and his respect for the fiscal concerns of the taxpayers of Teaneck. His expert analysis of the budget and policy goals resulted in improvements in both the administrative and the financial practices of the Board. His people skills and plain-spoken presentation of financial and policy data convinced trustees, who were previously committed acolytes of the highly incompetent Pruitt political machine, to adopt his coherent and practical policies, which benefitted the people who count the most—the students of Teaneck. I would urge everyone to support David Gruber on Election Day.

Earl Sandor

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