Friday, March 31, 2023

Looking at your last week’s headline article “Midterm Takeaways for Israel, US Jews” (November 10, 2022) one would get the impression that the pro-Israel community represented in the article by AIPAC did a poor job in getting their supported candidates elected, as the article just highlighted its two disappointments, the loss of Elaine Luria and the victory of Summer Lee. What was omitted were the incredible successes AIPAC and NORPAC in fact had. Allow me to give you the full picture.

Although at the time I am writing this letter, the exact makeup of the next Congress is still undecided, one thing we know for certain is that AIPAC and NORPAC are already well positioned to work with the new House and Senate to advance pro-Israel policies.

AIPAC and NORPAC helped achieve this outcome by engaging like never before in the electoral process.

So far, 98% of AIPAC-backed candidates in the general election have won.

So far, 97% of the NORPAC-backed candidates in the general election have won.

Every AIPAC- and NORPAC-backed candidate they helped win against an anti-Israel opponent in their primary also won in the general election.

AIPAC and pro-Israel Americans directly helped 13 pro-Israel candidates advance in critical primary elections against detractors and would-be Squad members who would have undermined the U.S.-Israel relationship. All 13 pro-Israel candidates went on to win their general elections.

You can see from these results that AIPAC and NORPAC in fact had excellent results during these midterms to help ensure that a strong U.S.-Israel relationship will continue to be a bipartisan priority in the 118th Congress.

Phil Goldschmiedt
AIPAC National Council Member
NORPAC – Teaneck President
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