Saturday, March 25, 2023

Such chutzpah! Such hubris! (“UN Rep Equates IDF with Terrorists” December 21, 2022) Deputy Ambassador Robert Johnson must really have a strong background in Islamic fanaticism. How does he think Americans should have reacted to 9/11? How does he think Americans should have reacted when Arab neighborhoods in Israel celebrated the deaths of Americans in 9/11? How can he even think of a two-state solution when the Palestinian Arab leadership has never recognized the Jewish nation? What would happen if certain elements living in America did not accept the sovereignty of America or the principles in its constitution? What if these people were actually in the U.S. Congress?

Jews have been through “two-state solutions” before. They went under headings like “The Pale,” the restriction from American country clubs, the Warsaw Ghetto, the resettlement policy in concentration camps. Yep, all these were two-state solutions. Would the United States ever have accepted a two-state solution to the annexed independent states of Texas and Hawaii? Did the ghetto fighters who fought back in Warsaw in 1943 overreact to the temporary two-state solution? Why did they just not wait for the Final Solution?

Can you imagine any people in any country being told that they cannot pray in certain parts of their own country? What if Shi’ites were excluded from making a prayer visit to the Ka’aba in Saudi Arabia? What if Catholics were not allowed to pray in St. Peter’s Square? Or Anglicans outside Westminster Abbey? Or Christians, Moslems, Hindus, etc. at the Western Wall?

And how much caution and protection for the innocent child was given by the terrorists in Jenin? These terrorists were a threat to Israelis. How much are these terrorists to blame for the death of innocent Arab and Jewish children? All lives matter, regardless of age, sex, color, creed or ethnicity.

Even before there was a modern state of Israel, Arabs were massacring.Jews in Palestine. Hebron was a Jewish possession since the time of Abraham. Hebron lost over sixty Jewish inhabitants when Arabs falsely suspected that the Jews would take over the Temple Mount. That “cycle of violence” took place in 1929. There are over a billion Muslims in the world and less than twenty million Jews. Of what value to Jews is a prolongation of the so-called “cycle of violence?”.

Try to handle the problems in the Ukraine before you try to impose solutions for Israel.

Joel M. Glazer
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