Monday, March 27, 2023

As the parent of a former SINAI student, Elizabeth Kratz’s recent article, “Supporting Classmates, Supporting SINAI,” truly resonated with me.

When our son Binyamin was a SINAI student, he got so much out of inclusion with his peers at RYNJ. When he was very young it was just the social aspect—tefillah and lunch—but that enabled him to build relationships and make friends. These were genuine friendships that he still has today. At the same time, SINAI gave him the tools he needed to gradually take more mainstream classes, which put him on a slow and steady path to move on to JEC for high school. We couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishments, and we are so grateful to SINAI for enabling him to find his own path toward educational and emotional success,-and to RYNJ for creating a truly inclusive environment for him and for all of the SINAI students.

Ari and Faigy Leiter

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