Thursday, February 02, 2023

Benjamin Kerstein describes the antisemitism faced by students on US campuses (“Persecuted American Jewish Students Should Study in Israel Instead,” December 29, 2022). He asks how parents can ensure their children can obtain an education while being safe and he suggests the only answer is to send their children to Israel to colleges there.

If he turns the page to the end of his editorial he will see an ad for Touro University. A few more pages and he’ll see Yeshiva University. College in Israel is certainly an option but our children have two quality safe options in the US, without even responding to the allegation that students are in danger on our college campuses.

Remember that if all Israel-loving people leave America, who will encourage the US to send support to Israel? Israel needs a strong contingent of Israel lovers in the US. We have haters here just like you have there. We will address them just as you will and we will both thrive.

David Siegel
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