Saturday, January 28, 2023

As a longtime reader of The Jewish Link it’s my understanding that its central mission is to inspire, educate and inform the observant community by transmitting Torah-based values. Hence, I assume, all the many divrei Torah and articles celebrating chesed organizations or highlighting the goings-on of local yeshiva day-schools. All features which appeal to our higher selves. While understandably not every article or ad in the paper is likely to rise to these lofty heights, one would hope they would at the very least not head us into the other direction.

I was therefore disappointed to come across the ad that ran last week on page 88 of The Jewish Link. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s entirely possible for a woman—or man—to be dressed head to toe but, under the right (or rather wrong) circumstances, to even so appear inappropriate. This, I believe, was the case with the image in the ad on that page. It was inappropriate in so many ways.Suffice it to say that it was neither styled nor placed to appeal to our higher selves.

This ad’s appearance undercuts and trivializes all the values and norms which The Jewish Link works so admirably to convey.

I’m sure readers will appreciate steps The Jewish Link might take to institute policies and practices which will ensure consistency of quality content going forward. B’hatzlacha.

Rivka Starck
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