Saturday, January 28, 2023

I was enjoying my morning flip through of the paper, but when I got to one full-page ad I forgot which newspaper I was reading. I had to look back at the cover to make sure it was The Jewish Link. I have to imagine the Dream Sculpt Body Spa ad (and its logo) slipped through by accident. I’d sooner read ads promoting alcoholic ice pops than have my kids come across an ad telling them that their New Year’s resolution should be to get their body in shape by Pesach with a picture of a stick-thin model who has been airbrushed and likely Photoshopped. Someone get her a sandwich! Maybe then she’ll smile at least. I fully support pictures of women in print, but this is unhealthy and inappropriate. There are enough billboards promoting disordered body image. I don’t need to see it in The Jewish Link.

Ahuva Lamm
Fair Lawn
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