Wednesday, May 25, 2022

To the Editor:

Renewal would like to take the opportunity to thank JLNJ for publicizing Donny Hain’s search for a kidney in December, and updating the article with the story of Donny receiving one from Rabbi Larry Rothwachs. The initial publicity the article about Donny produced was amazing. Thanks to JLNJ’s efforts, Renewal was graciously inundated with phone calls from people wanting to get tested to see if they were a match for Donny. Ultimately, as fate would have it, Rabbi Larry Rothwachs turned out to be the match. Just a few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking in Rabbi Rothwachs’ shul about the need for kidney donation in the Jewish community and it was clear to see how beloved he is there. I can only imagine how the love and esteem for Rabbi Rothwachs has grown since the community learned what he has done.

Renewal promotes awareness about kidney donation, and spends much of its time holding the hand of the kidney donors throughout the donation process, as well as supporting and guiding the recipient through their transplant journey.

Renewal is proud to have played a role in this wonderful Mitzvah. I had the honor of sitting with members of the Rothwachs and Hain families during the transplant and it was beautiful to see the love they have for each other.

As beautiful as this story is, there are still over 270 people on Renewal’s waiting list, including two members of the Teaneck community. Rabbi Rothwachs has agreed to go public with his story in the hopes of inspiring others to consider kidney donation.

For more information about kidney donation please call Renewal at 718-431-9831 ext. 209 or email [email protected]

Rabbi Josh Sturm
Director of Outreach

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