Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Jews Still Regress to a Ghetto Mentality in the Face of Danger

Antisemitism and anti-Israel feeling and violence are increasing all over at an alarming rate.

In the April 29 issue of The Jewish Link, there is one story about an ADL audit of antisemitic acts (“Antisemitic Incidents in US Hit All-Time High”) and one


A Rave Review for the Biblical Museum of Natural History

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous sonnet “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” depicts my admiration for The Jewish Link. Not long after our Pesach stay in Israel 5782, The Jewish Link featured a timely article written by Rabbi Natan Slifkin that sparked my immediate attention and interest (“The


Hakarat Hatov

On the last day of school before Pesach break, our daughter Nina was accidentally injured during recess. She was ushered to the office, while we were contacted and informed that she would need stitches. We spent the afternoon with her in the hospital instead of getting some valuable last-minute Pesach preparations.


The Rising Cost of Pesach

At this time of year, like every other year, every Jewish home is faced with the sudden increase of prices of kosher foods. What makes this year different from all other years? In all other years we see an increase in the price of food and supplies, all allegedly necessary to cover the cost of kashering the food


Look to Lakewood

In a recent Jewish Link article, Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg, who is the head of rabbinical placement for Yeshiva University, lamented a shortage of modern Orthodox rabbis (“‘Great Resignation’ Impacts Orthodox Rabbinate Too, and What You Can Do,” March 24, 2022). A simple solution would be to turn to Beth Medrash Govoha, the big Lakewood


Is CO2 a Bigger Existential Threat Than A-Bombs?

Yossi Kuperwasser’s commentary “Implications for Israel of a Return to the Dangerous Iran Deal” (March 31, 2022) brings up the much broader issue, not just to Israel, of worldwide nuclear arms in the wrong hands. Russia, with its massive nuclear arsenal, is in a costly fight with Ukraine, and it is not going well.


So Many Schools—So Few Choices

In the 1950s and ’60s in Cleveland, Ohio, where I grew up, there was but one Orthodox day school, the Hebrew Academy. The school, of necessity, accommodated virtually all who wanted to attend. We were a somewhat self-sufficient community. We were blessed to have Telshe Yeshiva nearby, we had Frank’s Hebrew Bookstore,


Thank You to RCCS

I noticed a feature article in this past week’s issue (“Miracle of the Week With Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society,” April 7, 2022) and cannot pass on the opportunity to both express my personal hakarat hatov to that unbelievable organization and vouch for its worthiness of our funds. The bottom line is that they save lives. Although not a


The High School Problem

I wanted to respond to Michael Gottlieb’s letter in The Jewish Link, “After Eighth Grade Comes Ninth Grade” (March 31, 2022.) Thank you for writing this very necessary letter and bringing attention to a major issue in our community.

In your letter you wrote, “The Modern Orthodox schools rejecting


Letter From Bergen Yeshiva Heads Regarding 2023 Winter Break

We write this letter to help our community understand the background behind the timing of winter break for the upcoming school year (2022-2023).

Mission-aligned values are at the core of communal decisions we make in all our schools. We would like to share


Expand The Bayit Association

I recently read your article in The Jewish Link regarding The Bayit Association (“Bayit Association of NJ is Born!” March 31 2022), and I really connected and felt inspired by the efforts you described in ensuring that you are able to help others. If possible, I would truly like to visit your office or one of your


Good Luck to the Bayit Association!

I was heartened to read the article from March 31 about the Bayit Association of New Jersey (“The Bayit Association Is Born!”). Any initiative to increase access to kosher housing in our community deserves our support. I wish the Bayit much success in their goal to help people with disabilities. The organization that

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