Friday, September 18, 2020

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Why Yeshiva University Needs a Young Voice

My name is Mordechai Weiss, a third-generation alumnus from YU, and I aspire to be the youngest vice president in Yeshiva University’s history. We are at a critical moment for the university, a time of both uncertainty and promise, so the choice of who will help lead Yeshiva as VP is of utmost importance. I


Kamala Harris and the Democrats

I wish to comment on Jonathan Tobin’s article, “Harris Is a Centrist Choice for Biden” (August 12, 2020). The title is misleading and deceptive. One would think that Kamala Harris is a centrist, moderate Democrat, worthy of considering on becoming our next president if Joe Biden does not complete four years in office. Therefore, we


RCBC Encourages Universal Support for Safe Reopening Policies

As our community prepares for the reopening of our Yeshivot, the joint rabbinic and educational leadership of our shuls and schools, in conjunction with the medical professionals who have provided us expert guidance throughout this process, wish to communicate the following unified message.


RCA: All Are Responsible for Safe School Openings

As the 2020-2021 school year begins, with its unique challenges and uncertainties, the Rabbinical Council of America, the leading membership organization of Orthodox rabbis, appreciates how vital it is for all schools, including our day schools and yeshivot, to open responsibly and safely. Educators and lay leaders have


Another (Old) Look at Day School Tuition

Many parents pay full tuition.

Let’s say tuition at a school is $1,000 per student and there are 100 students in the school. Simple math would say that the school would be getting $100,000 in tuition income.


The Importance of American Jewish History in Race Relations

I read with interest Ariel Levenson’s article, “Time to Raise Our Voices” (August 13, 2020).

Later in the day, my perusal of a book on Jewish history gave me pause to consider. I wonder how many students in modern yeshivot have ever heard the names:


A Summer to Remember at Camp Mesorah

As a parent of a child who experienced firsthand the Mesorah Magic I want to publicly thank Deena and Ari Katz and their committed, selfless staff. Words obviously cannot describe the gratitude we as parents feel for what you all have done and given to our children. You have truly altered the course of their lives, no


Fair Lawn Jewish Community Supports FLVAC

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the Jewish community of Fair Lawn wanted to support both local kosher businesses and the members of the Fair Lawn Volunteer Ambulance Corps by providing sustenance to those serving the community.

A group of Fair Lawn synagogues


Rabbi Gary Beitler, Hero

My wife and I write to publicly express our thanks to Rabbi Gary Beitler. His efforts in opening Camp Shoresh, which drew to a successful close last week, were nothing short of heroic. In only a few short months, with confusion and uncertainty everywhere, R. Beitler managed to first locate and then secure use of an excellent facility in a


Mask Up

I am writing in support of Nina Glick’s article titled “The World Is Topsy Turvy” (August 6, 2020). I too am worried and concerned about how many in the frum community have abandoned masking and social distancing.

About a week ago I had to go to a satellite office of Hackensack University Medical


Is It Time to Reevaluate The Trees in Our Town?

One doesn’t need to look far to see the damage of the tropical storm that struck [last] Tuesday. Just walking along the streets of Teaneck, you see 100-foot oak trees have decimated and destroyed streets, electricity wires, houses and everything in between. The major catalyst in the damage has been the neighborhood’s


Thanks to Rabbi Winkler

Many thanks to Rabbi Neil Winkler for his weekly commentary on the haftarah. Before the pandemic, I confess that I fell into the shul-going group Rabbi Winkler described that “failed to follow the (haftarah) reading carefully.” Typically the haftarah reading barely registered as a blip on my Shabbat learning