Friday, August 06, 2021


A Fiery Mikvah

How can Torah be compared to fire (“ki ner mitzvah v’Torah ohr”) and water (“ poter mayim reishit madon”), as these two elements can’t be mixed together? Though it’s true that the fire of barad existed within the water, that was an exception where the fire and water made shalom to carry out


A Clarification: The Jews Purchased Land and Did Not Steal It

I would like to thank Paul Herman for his letter in the July 15, 2021 issue of The Jewish Link (“Analysis Falls Short”) addressing my article “Did the Arabs Steal Arab Land.” In this and another article, “The Truth About Arab Sales to Jews in Palestine,” which is yet to be published, I sought to make the case


Teaching About the Holocaust Is Challenging

Teaching the Holocaust is a very challenging task and should be in the hands of a skilled teacher who is both knowledgeable about the Holocaust and sensitive to the approach that needs to be taken ("Borough of Tenafly, With Wiesenthal Center, Addresses 'Hitler School Project,' July 8, 2021). Not knowing the teacher’s


Analysis Falls Short

As a lover of Israel (35+ visits, support of Israel and Israeli organizations, etc.), I was pleased to see that your July 1 issue had a full page analysis by Alex Grobman, PhD, addressing the question “Did Jews Steal Arab Land?”

He starts with the


Practical as Well as Spiritual Torah Teachings Are Timeless

The Torah in its largest sense is the entire embodiment of Jewish religion, culture, thought and way of life. It is often thought of as the spiritual anchor or foundation upon which to conduct our lives. It is also said that the Torah is equally relevant in all times.


‘Prose’ and Cons

I agree with Michael Feldstein (“My Love Affair With ArtScroll,” July 8, 2021) and feel somewhat similarly regarding ArtScroll. I have some reservations, however. ArtScroll is amazing in what they have accomplished. The breadth and depth of topics available is unprecedented, with various editions of siddurim, chumashim, Gemara and other


Democrats Are Not All the Same

My friend Max Wisotsky wants American Jews to stop supporting the Democratic party (“The Choice for American Jews to Stop Supporting the Democratic Party Should Be Simple” July 1, 2021). Painting with a broad brush, he asserts: “Barack Obama was adored by Jews, in spite of the fact that he and his Democratic administration openly


A Few Thoughts on a ‘Few Thoughts about Birkat HaGomel’

Thank you Michael Feldstein, for your article on Birkat HaGomel (“In Gratitude: A Few Thoughts About Birkat HaGomel,” July 1, 2021). I too have spent time thinking about this bracha. First, I am glad you and your family are well. Second, thank you Rabbi Shalom Rosner for your Daf Yomi shiurim, available on YU.org.


Stick-Like Flexibility

How can Matot and Massei coexist together? Matot connotes leadership, harshness, unbendingness and “stick-like” behavior, while Massei connotes travels, boundlessness, openness and mutual togetherness.

Borrowing on an idea from my late relative Rav Avrohom


Response to Tobin Op-Ed

In his article ostensibly encouraging us all to set aside “finger pointing” and politics in favor of prayer and charity in the face of the Miami condominium disaster, Mr. Tobin nevertheless seizes the opportunity to get in a few shots on the topics of gun control, COVID response and even against fellow Jews practicing tikkun olam


Give Hakarat Hatov to Our Supporters

Kudos to The Jewish Link for stepping up its advocacy efforts this past week in a big way (Editorial: "Presenting Facts and Logic About the Middle East," and advocacy feature "Taste of Home Festival Gets a Taste of Online Intimidation," June 24, 2021). These are not normal times and it shouldn’t be business as usual. Along with pushing back against


The Choice for American Jews to Stop Supporting the Democratic Party Should Be Simple

The case for Jews abandoning their predilection for slavishly voting the Democratic party line should be very simple. Jonathan Tobin is correct when he says that “Omar Forces a Difficult Choice for Jewish Democrats” (June 17, 2021), but I humbly submit that the issue goes way beyond the actions of just the “squad,” as reprehensible



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