Friday, October 07, 2022


In Defense of The New York Times

Along with much of the rest of the Orthodox community, the editorial board of The Jewish Link strongly criticized what it referred to as “The New York Times Hit Piece” in last week’s edition (September 15, 2022, “Why The New York Times Hit Piece and Subsequent Regents Decision Matters to All Jews”). However, there are important


Shofar Blowing for the Homebound

If you know of someone who is homebound in Teaneck/Bergenfield who would like to hear shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah, please let us know at (201) 357-8642 and we will do our best to have a volunteer come to their home.

Pinhas Friedenberg

More Polite, Please

I am disappointed by the language in a letter from the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee in the Sept. 8 edition of the Jewish Link (“Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Letter Regarding FBI Raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home”). While I am always pleased to see citizens take an interest in communal


Response to the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee

Regarding “Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee Letter Regarding FBI Raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home” (Sept. 8, 2022), former President Donald Trump took documents from the White House that did not belong to him. They belong to the federal government. Another word for that is stealing.


The Gottheimer Myth

As I pass by so many Jewish homes in Teaneck, I see "Josh Gottheimer" lawn signs and barely any Pallotta signs. Why is this?

Probably because Gottheimer has cultivated this image of being a moderate. Perhaps compared with some other Democrats in Congress he


Teaneck’s Democrats Respond

While we thank the Teaneck Republican Municipal Committee (TRMC) for reminding everyone that Donald Trump’s flagrant disregard for laws and norms remains an issue to be reckoned with, we must admit that the TRMC’s letter in these pages left us scratching our heads (“Teaneck Republican Committee Letter Regarding FBI


Nurturing Producers of Technology Rather Than Consumers of Technology

It is with great interest that I have been reading about the Bergen County School-Shul Tech Initiative (“A Sneak Peek of What is to Come: Living Connected: A Bergen County School-Shul Tech Initiative,” Sept. 1, 2022). I applaud all parties involved for stepping up and taking action. There is clearly a need for discussion, at the very


Get Your Facts Straight

In last week’s issue of The Jewish Link, Martin Polack, wrote a letter discussing why one should not vote for Congressman Josh Gottheimer (“Why Do We Love Congressman Gottheimer?” September 8, 2022). Unfortunately, his letter is full of factual inaccuracies. To say that Republican Candidate Frank Pallotta is better


Munich 11 a Continuing Concern for All

In retrospect, I have to wonder why the 1972 Olympics was even held and approved to take place in Munich. (“The Chancellor’s Moment of Silence” September 8, 2022) It was only 30 years after a most horrific Holocaust occurred, which originated in the same country where tragedy struck all over again! The conundrum continued whereby the


Another Explanation For the Egla Arufa

I appreciated reading Rabbi Jachter’s collection of explanations last week for the mitzvah at the end of the parsha (“TABC Talmidim Demystify the Egla Arufa,” September 1, 2022). I have another explanation, which I would like to share.

To begin this explanation, I would like to raise a strange


Go Kosher Panama Plans a Great Vacation

Go Kosher Panama was an excellent resource for our family, both before and during our recent family trip to Panama. The website is very organized with loads of information and details for the frum traveler, ranging from shuls, kosher food and restaurant listings to discounts on recommended tours. They are super-responsive


In Cleveland, Chesed Is Everywhere

As a native Clevelander I’d like to elaborate on what makes my hometown special (“Move to Cleveland” September 1, 2022):

Cleveland is a community of warmth, chesed and Torah. Walk into any synagogue and you’ll be treated like family. Don’t be

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