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Restore Ivrit B’Ivrit in Our Schools

Disclaimer: This letter specifically does not speak about anybody in my shul and not about many who do render Hebrew texts just fine. It also does not address pronunciation, which many insist on the “Yeshivish” pronunciation and, despite my dislike for that, they at least have a mesorah.

I read Dr.


High School Teachers Must Prepare Students to Be Lifelong Learners

I read the piece written by Rabbi Yablok in your April 20 edition (“Striking a Balance in the Judaic Studies Classroom”) and, while I do not disagree with many of his points, I wanted to highlight a slightly different dimension in terms of the teacher’s role. While it is very nice to say that the teacher must keep the rigorous


Download the App and ‘Stand Still’ With Our Israeli Brethren

One of my Israeli cousins, Karen Shaham Palman, developed a new app called Standing Still, which allows people to experience and respect the sirens that, twice a year, bring an entire country to a stop for a few minutes. No matter where on the globe you are, it will sound each year on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance


We Must Take Care Not to Speak Lashon Hara

I am writing concerning an article in which friends of Rabbi Avi Weiss related a very uncomfortable situation (“Even on Vacation Venom Spews Forth,” March 2, 2017). The couple overheard people in a restaurant, who appeared to be “frum,” besmirching Rabbi Avi Weiss and his views. Perhaps Rabbi Avi Weiss is not the favorite rabbi of


Teaneck’s Weinbergers Are Another Father-Son Rabbinic Duo

As I read your article in this past week’s issue of The Jewish Link, “Five Bergen County Sons Join Their Fathers in the Rabbinate,” (March 16, 2017) I couldn’t help but notice you missed a few hidden gems in our community. Rabbi Yosef Weinberger is the son of Rabbi Yitzchak Weinberger who also received smicha from the Rabbi Isaac


We as Jews Should Only Support Those Who Support Us

A childish game of many years ago was to tag an unsuspecting victim with a note that read “Kick Me.”

In 2009, as president of the then New Milford Jewish Center I was addressing the congregation on Yom Kippur. I said that as a group we had a virtual “Kick Me” sign stuck to our backs. In our zeal


We Must Unite to Combat Intolerance

Your editorial on religious tolerance (‘We Are a Nation Built on Religious Tolerance,” February 23, 2017) expresses outrage and your support of Trump’s statement; however, you completely failed to address the “elephant in the room.” We have suffered a spate of bomb threats against Jewish institutions and the desecration of two


Why Not Take Advantage of That Post High School Year in Israel?

This is in response to two articles, the most recent being “From the Desk of an 18-Year-Old Yeshiva Student” (February 9, 2017), by Ezra Epstein, regarding post high school study in Israel, which he challenges and questions and of which he is critical. His contention is that students go “because they feel that their


It’s Time to Discuss Women in Spiritual Leadership Roles

I thank the editors of The Jewish Link for publishing the opinion of five area rabbis responding to the OU policy statement on the role of women in Orthodox Jewish life (“Reflections on the Current Debate on Women’s Professional Spiritual Leadership,” February 16, 2017). In a sensitive and respectful way, they have brought to light


The OU Doth Protest Too Much

Regarding “OU Opens Doors to Women Leaders,” (February 9, 2017) after reading the Orthodox Union’s 15-page “position paper” on women serving as rabbis, my first question was why are they doing this in the first place? If one has a halachic question do we call the Orthodox Union headquarters and ask for whom? If we have a question


Sharing Facts and Opinions Regarding Trump’s Immigration Order

Mr. Weinblatt’s missive (“News Publications Should Provide All the Facts,” February 9, 2017) opens with his lament that he is coerced to read your publication, which presents local, national and international news with topical analysis, which disturbs his Shabbat and is unfair and unbalanced. He then launches into a partisan


We Need to Go Back to Protecting People, Not Feelings

Regarding “Week One Prompts Polarized Reactions” (February 2, 2017), this type of overreaction is exactly the reason that “Republican” Donald Trump hoodwinked his way into the White House.

The Democratic Party used to protect people (except Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who notoriously closed the

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