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The Party System Is the Idolatry of Our Time

Party politics, the idolatry of our time, is a product of culture wars that have been ongoing for at least 3,800 years. This is when the first Jew, Avraham Avinu, refused to bow down before King Nimrod’s idol, for which he was thrown into a fiery furnace.

The king, of course, knew that an idol of gold and silver cannot cause the heavens to rain nor the fields


Support the Bergenfield Team of Kornbluth and Deauna

I am writing you today to express my enthusiastic support for the Democratic team of Councilwoman Ora Kornbluth and Buddy Deauna in this year’s Council Election on November 8. It has been a great privilege working with Councilwoman Kornbluth. Her strong record and tireless dedication to our community, specifically on the borough Finance and Police


 The UNESCO Travesty Continues

To add insult to injury, it is so appalling that the United Nations’ cultural body, UNESCO, passed a resolution just last week condemning Israeli actions at Jerusalem’s holy sites while totally ignoring Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. The travesty continues and this declaration is on the heels of the Palestinians currently calling to sue the


Bergenfield Mayor Seeks Support for Naylis and Long for Council

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone in Bergenfield for the honor and fortune of having been able to serve as your mayor for the last three years. I am proud that our Republican candidates in Bergenfield have not followed the lead of all of the national candidates for public office, and instead have remained


Kornbluth Endorses Gottheimer for Congress

In the 14 years that Scott Garrett has served in Congress, he has consistently claimed to be a fiscally responsible conservative. In reality, he’s costing his constituents $14,000 per person by simply not doing his job. There’s nothing responsible about that.


Bergenfield Council President Encourages Support for Ora Kornbluth

I am writing this letter to encourage residents of Bergenfield to re-elect Ora Kornbluth to the Bergenfield Council. I have served with Ora the past six years on the Council and prior to that Ora and I served on the Zoning Board together. You cannot find a person more dedicated than her to improving the quality of life in


The Syrian and Iraqi Genocide: Never Again?

The Nobelist Elie Wiesel said, “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Catholic priest Douglas Basi, the director of the refugee encampment for Iraqi Christians in Erbil, implores: “Help us live. Help us leave.”


Clinton’s ‘Leaked Email’ Article Was Misleading: Trump Will Press Israel to Make Concessions

Your article, “Leaked Email Highlights Israel’s Concerns About Clinton Campaign,” (October 14, 2016) by Dr. Rafael Medoff of JNS.org, may have misled your readers into thinking that Donald Trump is more committed to siding with Israel than is Hillary Clinton. How can we possibly know?


Professionals Can Help Kids Be Kids

Regarding the letter by “Name Withheld” called “It’s Time to Sound the Alarm,” (October 6, 2016): I can feel how hurt and angry you feel through your words and I am so sorry. While I do not know you or what you have been through, it is clear that there is much pain and upset inside you. I do not know your child or what


Generalizations Are Risky; They Can Place Our Children at Risk

Regarding last week’s “Name Withheld” letter to the editor (“It’s Time to Sound the Alarm,” October 6, 2016), who are you and what are your qualifications to write this? Yes, there are likely children who are misdiagnosed, but the majority of children sent for evaluation have a real clinical diagnosis. They often have struggled


‘Sound the Alarm’ Letter Was Arrogant and Hurtful

Last week’s Name Withheld letter to the editor titled “It’s Time to Sound the Alarm” (October 6, 2016) was, frankly, ignorant and hurtful. How dare this author dismiss the efforts of parents to help their children function more effectively? How dare this author insinuate that parents do not know what is best for


Josh Gottheimer Is a Great ‘No Labels’ Candidate

I’ve always admired Senator Joe Lieberman. Throughout his 24 years in the Senate he reached across party lines to solve problems. Unfortunately, that’s become increasingly rare in Washington. Whether a Democrat or Independent, Lieberman was always one of Israel’s strongest defenders in Washington.

I was very excited to see that Senator Lieberman was in

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