Tuesday, May 17, 2022


A Point About PSA

I enjoyed the recent article by Dr. Neugut on the Labrie affair (“The Labrie Study: A Statistical Error?” March 22, 2022), but would add this comment.

Even if you recall that memorable 1998 presentation by colleagues from Quebec, the finding of a poorly designed statistical analysis of clinical data


Denigrating Non-Orthodox Jews Is Inappropriate

I am writing in response to the article “10,000 Girls Participate in Atzeret Tefillah at the Kotel,” March 10, 2022. The article praises the huge crowd of seminary girls who showed up to an organized atzeret tefillah at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh Adar. However, the article contains a much more malicious


Even Acts of Charity Are Now Politicized

We all know how divisive our society has become, where almost every area of human activity has become politicized—the media, academia, science, health, entertainment, culture, sports. Nevertheless, I was stunned recently to see that even acts of life-saving charity are now being filtered through the lens of a political


Don’t Put Your Home at Risk

I’ve heard from customers that they are being bombarded from mortgage brokers with solicitations to do cash-out refinances to get funds to invest in the stock market and real estate. I’ve even seen it mentioned in this publication recently.



Waking Up Just in Time

Growing up with a father who was a survivor eventually affected my own understanding as to the concept “The future is our history.” This was taken from the title of a book I heard about last year. What this means is that life goes in cycles.

While we have never before been forced to think of the unthinkable, with


Forever Grateful to Kol Chaverim Preschool

Back in 2015 we entrusted our then-one-year-old son with the wonderful teachers in the infant room at Kol Chaverim Preschool (“Kol Chaverim Celebrates 10-Year Milestone,” March 10, 2022). We transferred from another daycare and the transition was extremely smooth. A few months later our son needed to have a minor outpatient surgical procedure and had to miss a day


Please Stop Talking About the Tuition Crisis

I am so tired of the discussion taking place constantly about the tuition crisis. What is the big deal? There are definitely alternatives and I do not understand why they are not being considered. How many years is everyone paying school taxes to the local school boards? Get on the bandwagon and switch your children immediately. No longer


There’s a Lot More To Be Said About the Tuition Crisis

I am a parent who is proud to be in debt due to the high cost of my children’s education in the Jewish day school movement. There are several issues which I feel need to be discussed and would appreciate if they could be rectified by the local administrators.

First and foremost my children find it


No More Talk About Masks and Vaccines

I have had it up to here with all the back-and-forth about vaccines, mask mandates and COVID in The Jewish Link. Can’t I have my Shabbos paper back without any of this annoying chatter? It’s like social media is invading my living room every Friday night.

Enid Itt
Highland Park

Let’s Talk More About Masks and Vaccines

I would like to publicly thank The Jewish Link for keeping the topic of vaccines, mask mandates and COVID on the letters page for the 18th straight week in a row. Since I don’t get a lot of information about these topics anywhere else, I am really grateful for the service you provide. Next, I’d really like to see more on the topics of


Put Shayna B. on the Cover!

I have been religiously reading Shayna B.’s column since she began writing when she was 7 years old. I am her number one fan. Since I am now 17, I have been reading her column for what seems like my whole life. In recent months, since we have had some much to deal with in our lives as kids, I find I ask myself, more than once a day,


The Abbreviations Are Getting Out of Control

I am concerned that my young children will not be learning how to pronounce words properly and will look at the world totally in abbreviations.

Our family davens at YINR. My children attend RYNJ. My parents attend CBNJ. A friend’s son is attending TABC and his cousin is at MTA. Another friend davens at

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