Friday, August 06, 2021


Us vs. Them

I had the privilege of attending the parade and rally last Sunday in support of Israel. Afterwards, I was talking with a fellow attendee who isn’t particularly knowledgeable about the issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and she isn’t even 100% sure which side she is on. But she made an important observation that I think


False Frumkeit in Support of Hamas

Thank you to the Teaneck Police and the security crew for ensuring everyone’s safety at the recent pro-Israel rally. Kudos to everyone who showed up. Well, almost everyone. With COVID hopefully in check, the hundreds of people who expressed communal support for Israel represented another step toward resuming normalcy. Predictably,


Saint Roosevelt’s Spirit Still Alive and Kicking for Jews

Many Jews lament the fact that the bipartisan consensus on Israel has been broken by the Democrats. It is spearheaded by the “squad” and Bernie Sanders, and joined by those who pay lip service for Israel support but fail to arrest the sharp left, anti-Israel tilt of their party. Yet despite this, most Jews continue to overwhelmingly


Choosing Our Battles

Doron Hindin’s piece about his experience with 15 others at the pro-Palestinian rally in Teaneck last week reminded me of the joke about the man who calls his wife on the way home from work to check in. Wife says, “Be careful; I heard on the news that one car is driving in the wrong direction on the highway!”


Home Sweet Homeland

Editor’s note: JFNNJ President Lee Lasher sent this letter after he arrived in Israel to join a solidarity mission.

For 2,000 years our ancestors dreamed of going to Israel but couldn’t go. There was no State of Israel or it was too


Standing Up

Like most Jews, I am more than a little concerned about the dramatic uptick in antisemitism in the United States and around the world, especially during the last several weeks.

From conversations with people from at least three different Orthodox shuls in


Where Is the Rage?

In this latest iteration of terrorist violence against Israel, we saw the free press in our democracy questioning the right of a nation to defend itself against terrorist attacks. Hamas was allowed to cite whatever civilian casualties they wanted and this was repetitively quoted without proof. It seems Israeli munitions


Journalists Choose Sides in the Suburbanite and Many News Sources

I read with dismay the insidious manner in which journalists slant articles they write for news sources. The articles seemingly portray facts but leave out details that could create an even-handed presentation and balance and that would allow the reader the privilege to hear all sides and then truly be informed. How is it that in a


A Glimpse into the Wealthy Who Keep the Klal Going

I’ve been fortunate over a short period of time to get a bird’s-eye view into the wealthy personalities who keep Klal Yisroel going. There are common denominators amongst all of them, which is beautiful to see.

One key factor they all share is that family


The Continuing Shame of Rutgers University

As an alumnus of Rutgers University, I am shocked and appalled at the latest degree of indifference exhibited by the chancellor of Rutgers, Christopher Molloy, who at first decried the antisemitism on Rutgers campuses in a statement, and just days later, under pressure from Students for Justice in Palestine, reversed his


The Catastrophe of American Jewry?

There is a midrash where Moshe complains to God about the Jewish babies buried between the walls inside the pyramids. Rabbi Akiva taught, “Moshe cried to Hashem, I know that you will save the Jewish people. But what do you care about those who are already set under the buildings of Egypt?” (Shmos Rabbah 5:27). How many Jews


Be Proud

Every time an antisemitic attack occurs, I feel compelled to write, but I haven’t until now.

I know that we are a nation that is “rodef shalom”—we pursue peace. However, with all the recent attacks on Jews all over the world, why must we remain sitting ducks?



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