Friday, October 07, 2022


Truman Was Not Perfect, But Did Not Get Zionism 'All Wrong'

I happened to finish David McCullough’s biography of Harry Truman in the past two weeks. I found the work exquisitely detailed and footnoted, enthralling and moving. One might think that a book of its size (just shy of 1,000 pages) would be difficult to read in its entirety. But think again. This masterpiece is a real


Spotlighting Abuse

I would like to commend The Jewish Link on the very well researched and beautifully written article, “One Woman’s Fight Against the American Family Court System” (August 18, 2022). This article features the work of an amazing figure, Dr. Amy Neustein, whom I am proud to call a colleague and a friend.


The Value of Health and Wellness Coaching

I am writing in response to last week’s letter to the editor (“Please Share Citations When Sharing Health Information” August 18, 2022) regarding my August 4, 2022, article “How to Choose Safe Consumer Products.” Thank you Ms. Kira Rynhold, for expressing your thoughts; I appreciate your feedback. In your


DOE Chancellor’s Comments on Families of Special Needs Students

Outrage is growing over New York City Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor David Banks’ recent comments claiming families routinely “game the system” to receive benefits they are legally entitled to under the law for their special needs children.



Teacher Shortage

Elchanan Poupko’s commentary on “Six Ways to Stop the Great Teacher Shortage” (August 18, 2022) raised the crucial and troubling issue of why so many day school educators leave the profession. Having recently completed novel and extensive research (“Novice Jewish studies teacher attrition in modern Orthodox Jewish


Rutgers: Still a Great Place to Be Jewish

Last week’s Jewish Link published an article about how Orthodox high schools should better educate their students how to be an Israel advocate on college campuses (“What University Students Wish Their Yeshiva High School Israel Advocacy Class Had Covered,” August 18, 2022). I am happy that the Link is addressing such an important


Important Election in New York

Early voting has begun for an important Democratic primary election, which will determine whether incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman will continue to represent the 16th New York Congressional District. Bowman does not represent the values and interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens in the district, let alone likely any readers


Agunah as a Blight

Kiddushin 6a has Rav Yehuda citing Shmuel that כׇּל שֶׁאֵינוֹ יוֹדֵעַ בְּטִיב גִּיטִּין וְקִידּוּשִׁין לֹא יְהֵא לוֹ עֵסֶק עִמָּהֶם , whoever isn’t proficient in the intricacies of divorce and


Free, Free At Last?

The Orthodox rabbis helping Lonna Ralbag receive her get from Meir Kin these past several years have put him in cherem. He has responded to their charge by saying that he indeed did issue a get several years ago at an Orthodox court in Monsey, and received from that court the permission to remarry, which he has done, and


Please Share Citations When Sharing Health Information

I am writing in response to Jill Friedbauer’s article “How to Choose Safe Consumer Products” (August 4, 2022).

Throughout the article, Friedbauer makes claims about the dangers of various household products and their ingredients yet not one of her claims is supported by any sort of citation or


Emphasizing Our Values Is a Good Thing

Steven Starr wrote a letter to the editor last week (“Change the Tone of the Conversation Between Israeli and American Jewry,” August 4, 2022). He is bothered that a religious Zionist newspaper, serving a religious Zionist community, often has writers who admonish us to make aliyah.


Kumzitz at the Kotel

Jewish pride takes many forms. Each year as Tisha B’Av ebbs, NCSY brings all of its various learning groups together at the Kotel for a moving kumzitz. Hundreds of teenage boys sit, arms linked and with deep emotion, and the fast with meaningful and appropriate songs. I am deeply touched to witness heartfelt singing

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