Saturday, December 04, 2021


Why Are Jews Overlooking Murphy’s Atrocious COVID Nursing Home Record?

Over the last few weeks Governor Murphy has visited several Jewish communities where he has been received with open arms. Many organizations such as the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce are openly endorsing him. Agudah’s main point man in New Jersey is openly rooting for Murphy.


In Support of Darryl Greene for BOE

I recently had the pleasure of working closely with Darryl Greene on a township initiative, the installation of “Isley Brothers Way” honorary street signs on Van Arsdale Place, honoring the legendary rock and R&B group, who hailed from Teaneck. Darryl stepped in to a project that was dead in the water due to


Ciattarelli This Tuesday

This Tuesday, I will be voting for Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli for governor of New Jersey. I believe that he is the best candidate for the position. I urge you to vote for him as well.

Of the candidates on the ballot, Mr. Ciattarelli is the only candidate that fully understands the day-to-day worries


New Jersey Heads of School Call on the Community to Vote

November 2 is our opportunity. It’s Election Day for the governor, legislature and local races—the very people who impact funding and services for our schools and yeshivot.

We can— and we MUST—turn out to vote.


Stop Corporate Antisemitism

On Unilever’s Hellman’s mayonnaise jar is a question: “Something to tell us?”

Well, YES! We called the number and found out that Unilever has designated a separate phone line (407-734-3032) to receive calls about the decision by Ben & Jerry’s to


Get Out and Vote

With the upcoming Teaneck board of education elections, I am urging all Teaneck residents to vote for Laura “Laurie” Fein (line 4) and Rachel Secemski (line 5) for the Teaneck board of education.

I have known Laurie for many years and have had the


Yeshiva University Youth Bureau History

I am planning to write the history of the Torah Leadership Seminars of Yeshiva University in the pre-NCSY days. At this time I invite all former participants to be in touch with me to share their stories. Send me an email at [email protected]to get the ball


Recollections of Rabbi Moshe Tendler, zt’l, the Early Years

Numerous well-deserved hespedim, recollections and tributes have been made to commemorate the remarkable life of Rabbi Moshe Tendler, zt”l—a great talmud chacham, an outstanding scientist and a remarkable human being. I have nothing that I can add to those tributes except to say that they all were all about the years


Regarding the Local Increase in COVID Cases

Earlier this week many received news regarding the rise in breakthrough COVID cases in the community. I hope and pray that this rise will be short lived, but it is possible that it will not be. While I believe that the various rabbanim, boards and especially medical committees in the local institutions are keeping a close


Orthodox Judaism And the LGBTQ Community

Having read your article “A First Step: LGBTQ+ and the Frum Community” by Rabbi Yisrael Motzen (September 27, 2021), and the subsequent letter by Dr. Tzvi Small, “More Is Needed for LGBTQ+ Community” (October 14, 2021), I would like to submit my two cents on this matter. I would say that this is a very complicated


Vote for Change, Not for Broken Leadership

First, because legally I have to say this, I am writing this as an individual board of education member, and my views may not necessarily represent that of the entire board. This statement in itself demonstrates the unique nature of being on the board of education.

While being around politics and


A Tribute to My Friend, Dr. Chaya Gorsetman, z”l

I had the honor of working with Dr. Chaya Gorsetman at Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, in the preservice undergraduate educator preparation program for many years. We loved helping teacher candidates develop pedagogical competencies, we had a lot of fun planning arts inquiry programs and we shared ample



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