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Walks the Walk, Talks the Talk

It always perks my interest to read an erudite article written by Stephen M. Flatow to keep me informed of current events in Israel (“Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Israel’s Anti-Terror Strategy,” March 2, 2023). I know that the information he imparts to Jewish Link readership is most informative, insightful and factual.


Creating Jewish Links

My family and I want to be added to the strong chorus of people who send appreciative accolades to you and your whole staff. Mazel tov on reaching the newspaper’s 10-year milestone! This anniversary gives us a chance to congratulate you on this wonderful endeavor. I hope you realize that you achieved the goal of being a strong Jewish


Memories of My Jewish Link Days

Reading the thoughts of people who have worked or currently work at The Jewish Link brought back many memories. Writing for The Jewish Link made me realize how much heart goes into the paper. Not just because of the warm office environment and the great people behind it, but because of the thought that goes into each story. I can recall many conversations that centered


Let’s Use Chasdei Lev’s Example

I read the letter from “Name withheld” (“Supporting Jewish Educators,” March 23, 2023), a parent who was moved by a column written by another “name withheld” — a rebbe who is having difficulty paying his bills (“I’m a Rebbe, and I Can’t Afford to Be a Jewish Educator,” March 9, 2023). The letter writer called for


Do We Show Up?

As often happens after reading an important article in The Jewish Link, my husband and I found ourselves in a spirited conversation with friends at the Shabbat table about whether or not Orthodox Jews recognize their responsibility to combat antisemitism. In “The Best Way to Fight Antisemitism? ‘Serve the Larger Community!’” (March


March Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

While most Jews are aware of the genetically inherited diseases that affect our community, such as Tay-Sachs, few are aware of the increased risk posed by colon cancer to Ashkenazi Jews. While the average American has a 6% risk of developing colon cancer, this statistic is just a starting point for Jews.


The Tools Parents Need

I would like to preface this with a great deal of appreciation for educators such as Rabbi Goldmintz who dedicate their lives to inculcating Jewish values into the next generation of the bearers of our many traditions. I write this as an addendum to those out there who empathize with the outlier child in Rabbi Goldmintz’s class, to those


The Source of Minhagim

I enjoyed Rabbi Hoffman’s article in the Jewish Link this past Shabbat (“Gebrochts: An Overview,” March 23, 2023).

Since observance of gebrochts is rooted in minhag, familial geography and history, it would have been helpful if you added the year your sources lived and their country of origin. For


Congrats on 10 Years, Jewish Link!

Even before The Link reached its 10-year milestone, I expressed to Moshe Kinderlehrer that my wish is for the newspaper to surpass The New York Times. Your selflessness in creating a publication offering national, international and local news, spirituality, humor and community news, shows the Sulzbergers that The Jewish Link is a force for


Does Israel Have the Right to Defend Itself Against Terrorists?

That is the question at the heart of my recent op-ed in the Jewish Link (“Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Israel’s Anti-Terror Strategy,” March 2, 2023), and the letter by Craig Hanoch (“A Misrepresentation of the Law,” March 16, 2023) commenting on it.


Anti-Israel Rhetoric in West Orange

Editor’s note: After the events discussed below, emails were sent to the memberships of Congregations AABJ&D and Ohr Torah. Their combined message is reprinted with permission.

The Navi states “For the sake of Zion I will not be silent.”


Leaders of the Jewish Community: Please Work Together on High School Admissions

As an educator for many years I daily thanked HKBH for the zechus of working with our beautiful Jewish children and hoped to help promote their love of Yiddishkeit while caring for their emotional well-being. Isn’t that what chinuch should be all about?

Having now heard from some parents in our

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