Saturday, October 31, 2020


Take Pride in All Students

As a high school senior, I feel a deep sense of appreciation for our community’s teachers, and so I would like to commend the letter writer identified as “A Concerned Mechanech,” (“A Word of Caution to Our Yeshivot at Graduation Time,” June 18, 2020) on his or her noble work advancing the Jewish people. That


Protecting Ourselves From Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein lays out very well the looming threat of further anti-Semitism than we are experiencing now (“Never Again the Canary in the Coal Mine!” June 25, 2020). The problem is that his article is somewhat repetitive, and does not articulate exactly how we should protect ourselves.


Marv Hershkowitz, the Man

I just read the article of Yaakov Meir, “Remembering Basketball Star Marvin Hershkowitz, One of Yeshiva University’s Most Iconic Alumni” (June 25, 2020). The article is well written from a basketball perspective as Marv Hershkowitz’s shooting form was so flawless that it was featured on the cover of various


The ‘Message’ Tells Only Half the Story

In David Hes’ letter (“Clearing up the Message,” June 25, 2020), he asks that by not aligning with BLM (Black Lives Matter), is he to be considered a racist or bigot? The answer is NO. However, singling out one race as a target of your animosity, to the exclusion of all others, might very well be considered to be racist or bigoted. I


It Is About Israel

In their letter to the editor of June 25, “It’s Not About Israel,” Jennifer Montag and Shana Dworken write that they support Dr. Arati Kreibich in her primary challenge to Josh Gottheimer and that their support for her has “nothing to do” with Josh Gottheimer’s support of Israel. Those of us who care about


A Real Democrat?

I just received a political flyer for someone named Arati Kreibich who is running for Congress in the fifth district against the incumbent, Josh Gottheimer. She is running as a “Real Democrat.” Her flyer gives no reason as to why we should vote for her, what makes her a “Real Democrat” or what her accomplishments may be other than


BPY’s Graduating Thespian Stars

I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful “BPY Graduating Thespians” (“A Letter of Thanks From BPY’s Graduating Thespians,” June 18, 2020) that I had the privilege to teach and coach on- and offstage for so many years now.

Ariella, Aviva,


Do Your Part: Be Vigilant

Do you and your family members wear seatbelts in a car? Do you have appropriate car seats for your baby or toddler? Do you have smoke and carbon dioxide detectors in your home? Have you avoided smoking, or been successful in quitting? If unable to quit (understandably difficult), do you distance yourself from family, friends or strangers


Clearing Up the Message

When viewing a video of George Floyd’s life unjustly snuffed out by a rogue cop, we all watched, horrified. Why did it happen? We do not know for sure. But we all saw injustice before our eyes.

Before COVID-19, when we saw on video almost daily assaults by


What Rabbi Lamm Would Say About BLM

Meryl Feldblum offers a beautiful, heartfelt explanation (“Rabbi Lamm, BLM and the Jewish Conscience,” June 18, 2020) on why Jews must join with the broader community to protest discrimination. Drawing on experiences in the course of helping her brother, Micah (may he have a full and speedy recovery), she directly relates and empathizes


Help Ari Teman

As recipients of The Jewish Link and our community’s incredible support, I am submitting this letter about a travesty of injustice meted out to a friend and former member of our community knowing you will respond with the same generosity of spirit you gave us in our mission to save our grandsons, Benny and


George Floyd’s Life Mattered; Say His Name

Last week, The Jewish Link published a letter to the editor by Name Withheld Upon Request (“Support the Black Community, Not Black Lives Matter,” June 18, 2020).  The anonymous author referred to the man whose life was wrongfully and violently taken by a police officer on May 25, as “George Lloyd.” I am not sure at whom to