Wednesday, July 28, 2021


What Is the Message to Us?

A comment on Rabbi Jachter’s article, “Perspectives on the Divine Influence on Megillat Esther” (March 4, 2021).

World War II officially ended May 8,1945. The Nuremberg trials prosecuted Nazi war crimes and were conducted between Nov. 20, 1945 and Oct. 1, 1946. Controversy arose as to how these


Jewish Leadership and Organizations Are Failing the Jewish Community

As seen throughout the March 4 edition of the Jewish Link, the despicable SNL anti-Semitic joke has brought out a storm of outrage from all manner of Jewish organizations. However, I think Stephen Flatow’s column, “The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Joke Is the Wrong Issue,” (March 4, 2021) has the better overall perspective on the much


Thank You to Bruriah High School Students

I was deeply complimented to see the news story, in the March 4 issue, about the Holocaust museum created in my honor by the 11th-grade students at Bruriah High School in February.

Words cannot express how impressed I was with their initiative and their


Libel Against Israel

I was shocked when I saw a letter printed that ended with “Free Palestine!” in last week’s paper (“Purim Satire ‘News’ Was in Bad Taste” March 4, 2021).

While the letter begins by making a reasonable critique of a Purim satire article—one which


Testosterone Benefits Questionable

As an allopathic-trained physician practicing hematology and oncology, I am always interested in reading Dr. Warren Slaten’s articles, as I often will learn new information about alternative therapies that I may not be familiar with. However, in his most recent article, “Testosterone: Benefits and Misconceptions”


Perspective and Rationalization In Quantum Mechanics

I generally enjoy reading Rabbi Gil Student’s work. However, this week’s piece “Schrodinger’s Kiddush Hashem” (perhaps meant as a Purim joke) was apologetics cloaked in pseudoscience. Schrodinger’s famous (and even more abused) refutation of Bohr’s “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics at


Get Your History Straight

Every Shabbat, I enjoy reading the letters to the editor in The Jewish Link. I truly applaud the Link’s efforts at including opinions that run the gamut of perspectives on a plethora of issues. Sometimes I agree with the writers and sometimes I disagree, but I always enjoy learning from what others have to say. Even


Be Sensitive Toward Singles

I always enjoy The Jewish Link’s fresh perspective on so many topics. This past week was no exception. As someone who is heavily involved in helping set up singles, I wanted to bring attention to the two articles you published this past week.

Ahuva Lamm’s


Moving Past COVID

“Stay Calm and Carry On” has become a meme, but the spirit that gave birth to that saying is now needed more than ever. We’ve all been stuck in the collective nightmare for about a year now. People haven’t seen their family, friendships have dissolved, and our children have suffered tremendously. I think it may be (past) time for us


Clarification on ‘Purim Letter’

I am writing to clarify an area of misunderstanding. You may have recently seen some “Purim Torah” in the form of a satirical letter placed on RCBC stationary and purportedly signed by the RCBC. “Purim Torah” is an age-old minhag, and I assume the author meant no harm; however, publishing the letter on RCBC stationary (without


Support for the BLM Mural

Thank you for printing the letter written by the Teaneck Youth Initiative for the permanency of the Black Lives Matter mural. It is refreshing to hear the voices of diversity and inclusion from the greater Teaneck community.

Faige Drapkin

Advice for Shadchanim

As an over-30 single, I would like to thank Ahuva Lamm for her article, “A Closer Look at 30+ Dating in the Orthodox World” (February 25, 2021). As she notes, one significant issue, at least for men, is that of having too many suggestions to choose between, especially with the rise of online shidduch networks. (While I try not to let it result in



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