Friday, May 20, 2022


Stop Requiring Vaccines

Our communal institutions, including schools, shuls and sports leagues, either require COVID vaccines for participation or impose restrictions, such as masks, on those who are unvaccinated. This approach arguably made sense during the first few months after vaccines became available, as the data showed Pfizer and Moderna


Protect Your Cell Phone

Regarding “Watch Out for Phone Call Scams” (January 6, 2022), I want to add a warning for readers to take proactive actions to protect their mobile and online accounts from criminals.

Online crime is getting worse and takes many forms. The news media and


Is Freedom of Choice Always Sacrosanct?

The fight against COVID-19 seems to be a never-ending struggle and is mirrored by a never-ending stream of letters, pro and con, about vaccinations. I hope the editors of The Jewish Link can tolerate one more letter on the subject. I would like to discuss the phrase “freedom of choice” which has come into vogue for those choosing not to


Moving Forward 

The Chaim Walder saga that has unfolded over the past weeks has created upheaval across the Jewish world, as it must. Walder was one of those profoundly sick people who built trust in order to exploit it in manipulative and destructive ways, shattering an entire community’s sense of trust.

There has


Heat, But No Light

KidsPetition is predicated on the false assumption that yeshiva administrators are actively seeking any frivolous reason to close schools. It suggests that administrators are making decisions in a vacuum, without input from medical advisers, their boards and parent committees. Rather, kudos are due to them for marshalling


A Plea From Across the River

Living in Washington Heights, it’s a rare adventure to “cross the bridge” to New Jersey. I’m grateful to The Jewish Link for the weekly opportunity to keep up with the news from other locales and particularly touched by all the chesed, notably your recent features about the efforts of Bassie Taubes (“What Would


COVID’s Effect on the Tuition Crisis

Recently there has been even more talk about the tuition crisis, spurred by Rabbi Jeremy Wieder’s shiur on communal responsibility, Mark Trencher’s survey on finances in the frum community, and Rabbi David Bashevkin’s month of finance podcasts. There was a conversation on social media recently that referenced 200kChump, the infamous


Hockey Corrections

Thanks for publishing this retrospective on ball hockey (“Common Goals: How Ball Hockey Has Flourished in the Jewish Community,” December 30, 2021). I wanted to share two corrections and two comments about the Cliftons, a team of yeshiva high school alums I founded that have been playing together for 20 years, which was mentioned


Comments on a Few Things In Recent Issues

Rabbi Jachter’s article about Rabbi Eleazar ben Rabbi Shimon (ben Yochai) made me happy (“Rabi Elazar ben Shimon and the Extraordinarily Ugly Man: Lessons for Potential Abusers and Victims,” December 30, 2021). I really liked the focus on the personalities involved, which injects meaning into the sugya, such as that


In Defense of Our Children

As a signer of the “In Defense of Our Children” petition, I feel it is necessary to respond to Lauren Shore’s letter in last week’s Jewish Link (“Mask Wearing While Advocating for Our Kids,” December 30, 2021.) She said that the petition asks “that yeshivot should stop mandating masks in the classroom.” It


A Look at the Math

I want to respond to one point in Lauren Shore’s argument for masks in schools (“Mask Wearing While Advocating for Our Kids” The Jewish Link, December 30, 2021): “A small percentage die. Do we not care about the small percentage?” I thought it would be helpful to mathematically define what is meant by a small


Tanur Shel Achnai/ A Tale of Two Methods

Each week, I typically enjoy reading the halachic column of Rabbi Chaim Jachter, especially as his style takes me back to the wonderful Sefardic teshuvot I have learned over the years. This past Shabbat, however, I read R’ Jachter’s column with consternation (“A Breakthrough Insight Into The Tanur Shel Achnai

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