September 25, 2023
September 25, 2023

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Life in a Bubble Is Warm and Relaxed at Lazy Bean Cafe

Lazy Bean Cafe is not going to let cold weather spoil your fun. The tables that have sprung up in front of the café are now protected by plastic bubbles; each can hold up to six people. With openings on two sides for proper airflow and disinfectant spray used throughout the day and on request, safety is paramount. You can ask for a tabletop fireplace if you don’t have any children with you under age 12. It’s a heavy rock with an insert that creates a clean, smokeless flame, providing even more heat. “The bubble adds about five to 10 degrees of heat and the fireplace adds another five to 10 degrees, so it can be up to 20 degrees warmer,” said Dani Secemski, head of operations for Glatt Express and Lazy Bean. “The flame has a crackling sound, which also provides a nice ambience.” The bubbles are totally waterproof so you can stay warm and dry while watching the raindrops slide down.

Secemski said the bubbles are a perfect solution for Lazy Bean seating. “We have been avoiding indoor dining because many customers did not feel comfortable ordering in line while customers were eating with their masks off,” he said. He first saw the bubbles in Manhattan and ordered them for Lazy Bean. “They’re getting rave reviews. We’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve.”

Lazy Bean has some new items to enjoy inside the bubbles. You can now choose from four soups a day instead of the previous single option. The cafe has just introduced high-fiber GG Scandinavian crackers for avocado toast instead of bread. “We were getting a lot of requests for high-fiber food and snacks,” Secemski said. “We want to have healthier items as well as fun treats. People can feel trapped after being at home or school. It’s nice to take the kids out for pastry, frozen yogurts, pancakes or waffles.”

Lazy Bean will soon have Israeli-style iced coffee, the slushy kind, in four flavors including two sugar-free. Lazy Bean is experimenting with the flavors and ratios before introducing them to customers.

Glatt Express is also adding two new sections. A premium salad-to-go line is coming, created by their immensely talented Executive Chef Haice Segura. Salads will include roasted veggies, grains like farro, quinoa or wheat berry, and greens. A new bread display will begin in the next few weeks with artisan breads—including sourdough—baked fresh daily.

Online ordering and home delivery are expanding at Glatt Express. Secemski said they’re trying to maintain a two-hour window for delivery orders and just purchased another van to keep to the schedule. Order at

Visit Glatt Express at 1404 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck. Lazy Bean has an honorary new address: The corner of Queen Anne Road and Walraven Drive has been renamed “Lazy Bean Way” by the township to honor Lazy Bean for its contribution to the Teaneck economy.

By Bracha Schwartz

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