December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Life-Saving Coalition Mobilizes to Provide Essential Medical Equipment

Dr. Ohad Etzion of Soroka University Medical Center (l) and Shimi Geshayed, Rachashei Lev CEO.

(Courtesy of Rachashei Lev) In the wake of the unprecedented October 7 attack, which took a devastating toll on civilian life and has been dubbed as the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust, a coalition of Israeli organizations and companies has stepped up to address the resultant pressing medical needs. This humanitarian initiative is led by Rachashei Lev, a non-profit organization usually focused on supporting cancer patients, alongside Elron Ventures and Accelmed, both prominent firms specializing in medical devices and digital health technologies. The initiative, in cooperation with the IDF and Israel’s Ministry of Health, has already expedited the importation of innovative, essential point-of-care medical equipment required to treat the wounded and alleviate suffering. Bolstered by unprecedented direct donations from the firms, the Jewish community, and supporters of Israel around the world, the initiative has successfully begun distribution to provide urgent aid during Israel’s most troubling time.

“Our mission is to address the unmet need of providing cutting-edge, life-saving medical equipment to emergency medical teams. This equipment ensures the preservation of the lives of soldiers injured on the battlefield and of injured civilians,” said Dr. Ohad Etzion of Soroka University Medical Center and former Captain in the IDF Medical Corps. “The equipment saves lives by augmenting the diagnostic and management capabilities of medical teams in combat zones. We have mapped the needs by surveying over 500 battlefield physicians in cooperation with the IDF’s Medical Corp.”

Capt. Dr. ‘’A’’ from the Air Medical Unit in the IDF.

“We are proud of our friends who, together, are leading the life-saving hi-tech medical response. This effort saves lives under field conditions and even under fire, and strengthens our ability to provide a state-of-the-art global medical response,” said Shimi Geshayed, Rachashei Lev CEO. “We have already been delivering dozens of point-of-care ultrasound and advanced vital signal monitoring devices into the hands of frontline responders, and the more field operators experience these capabilities, the greater the demand.” Identifying and prioritizing which teams receive various equipment is committee-based, focused on delivering supplies with the most impact.

The loss of life on October 7 cannot be undone but through this united initiative, it is hoped that further suffering can be prevented and lives can be saved. This endeavor reflects not just the organizational prowess of the firms involved but the collective will of a nation to protect and care for its citizens.

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