December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Ma’ayanot Soccer Plays Hard

Ma’ayanot Junior Varsity Soccer played their second game of the season against SAR on Thursday, April 14. The last game at SAR they lost in overtime, so they were excited to finish the job.

The game was extremely tense. Coming off of several injuries, the Rapids started out the first period with a direct kick from Penina Krischer from half court. SAR answered back in the same period with two goals in under 5 minutes. Now coming from behind, the Rapids had to push themselves. Defender and Co-Captain Krischer knocked in a goal at the 5-minute mark. The score was then 2-2. Freshman Danit Forman thankfully snuck in a goal with 13 seconds left. The Rapids went into half-time 3-2.

The second half was just equally suspenseful. SAR tied the score with a goal at 10 minutes. Sophomore, Co-Captain, Kate Weinberg had some clutch saves keeping it tied through the rest of the 3rd and 4th periods.

In overtime, these fairly matched teams could not push past a tie score and the game ended 3-3.

The varsity game proved just as exciting. Starting out, the Rapids came out in full force with a 6-0 lead in the first two periods. The initial two goals went in the first period within two minutes of the start, from sophomore Dafna Levine. Dafna was assisted in goals by rookie Esther Avidan, while she scored 3 goals in the first half of the game. Junior, Aleeza Berkowitz scored from the defense with her power and precision.

SAR did not lie down and take a loss. They fought back with a new strategy. In the second period, SAR scored 4 goals, coming back and balancing the score 6-4 at the half.

Both teams fought hard in the second half. SAR knocked in two more goals along with another from Avidan at the 5 minute mark. By the last period, the Rapids could not let up, they had come too far. Whatever SAR scored, Ma’ayanot answered back. Try to stay with me in this sequence of goals scored: SAR scored two in 2 minutes, Levine scored at the 10:07; SAR scores at 9:14, Levine scores at 9:05; Berkowitz scores at 8:36, Levine scores at 7:04. The score is 11-9 Rapids.

SAR scores at 3:47 making the final score 11-10.

The SAR goalie saved many attempted goals from the Rapids aggressive offense. There was excellent defensive play from Michal Mizrahi, Chana Waintraub and Sophie Dubitsky.

The Rapids are grateful for the key save from goalie Denny Tammam.

By Jen Sanders

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