May 25, 2024
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May 25, 2024
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Medical Equipment Gemach Of Bikur Cholim of Bergen County Gets a Facelift

Aaron Moskowitz in “building mode.”

Sometimes necessity becomes the engine for accomplishment. This past February, 11-and-a-half- year-old Dylan Moskowitz sustained a ski injury requiring a full leg cast. Little did the family realize that the Medical Equipment Gemach would soon become a lifeline for them. According to Jacqui, Dylan’s mother, “The medical gemach of Bikur Cholim of Bergen County swiftly provided multiple types of wheelchairs, crutches, a shower chair and even a panic button that was very helpful those first few days.”

The panic button was similar to a doorbell that Dylan could press, which rang in her parents’ room if they were needed in the middle of the night, and because their rooms are not on the same floor. Jaqui shared, “Thanks to the gemach, Dylan was able to attend school, bat mitzvahs of all her friends and Shabbos playdates,” recovering quickly and comfortably.


The medical gemach is just one of many services provided by the Bikur Cholim of Bergen County. Two months after the injury, Aaron Moskowitz, Dylan’s father, went to the gemach storage unit to return the equipment. When he arrived, he found the gemach in a relative state of disarray. Immediately perceiving an opportunity to return the chesed, and grateful for the presence of the gemach and the availability of the equipment Dylan needed, the family decided to “return the favor” and take up the cause to do something about it.

“Community is about giving back, however you are capable,” said Jaqui. She explained that Aaron sent photos to a few friends to gauge their interest in making a difference. “Shneur Bistritzky signed on as lead project manager, motivated by the influence of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his well-known emphasis on the concept of, ‘The world was built with chesed,’ (Psalms/Tehillim 89:3),” which is taught by rabbonim and shared by Jews the world over. Jaqui commented that the group perspective is that, “This teaching underscores the importance of cultivating compassion and empathy in our lives and interactions. It implies that the universe operates on principles of benevolence and generosity, highlighting the importance of empathy and goodwill in our interactions and understanding of the world.”

After … WOW!

Ari Green, along with the father and son team of Lance and Zachary Friedman, also jumped at the opportunity to join the project. “Together, they decided to organize and make additional room for
equipment being stored and donated, making it more user friendly. They also envisioned improved ease of access to the volunteers who put in endless hours to the gemach. Within the week they were able to give back an amazing, new and improved space to the gemach which included wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling shelves,” shared the Moskowitz family.

Lastly and also importantly they concluded, “Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to give back. We encourage everyone to explore how to apply your passion to make a positive impact. Do what you love and apply it to help and make something/someone better!”

Shneur Bistritzky and Ari Green customize the lumber for shelving.

The medical equipment gemach is conveniently located in the West Englewood area of Teaneck and is available to residents of Bergen County. Donations are used to purchase and maintain equipment or replace items that are damaged, outdated, worn or broken. As with all services of Bikur Cholim, the gemach operates with respect for dignity and privacy. If they are unable to assist individuals directly, they can usually direct people to other organizations who can, as they often collaborate with many organizations and people who stand ready to be of assistance or service.

Dylan, b”H, is healing well and has graduated to a boot. The Jewish Link joins in wishing Dylan a refuah sheleimah, and the family wants to raise awareness about this amazing organization. Visit to make a donation or call (201) 579-3066 if you need to borrow equipment or both.

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Ellie Wolf is a staff writer at The Jewish Link.

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