September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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MedicareDone Untangles the Complexities Of Enrollment and Benefits

Sarah Jeremias, a licensed independent insurance agent, has witnessed the frustration of family members and friends confused due to the complexity of the Medicare system. With her expertise in the insurance industry, Jeremias felt compelled to simplify the Medicare enrollment process and allow every senior to enjoy their golden years without stressing over Medicare decisions and information. Following the process of becoming licensed and credentialed, she created MedicareDone to help people make smart choices that would fit their lifestyles, their finances and their current health care team. Whether you’re just turning 65 and preparing to start out in the system, or have been a part of the Medicare system for 20 years or more, MedicareDone is here so you can enjoy more and stress less.

So, what makes MedicareDone unique? Jeremias summarized, “Experience, personalized service and dedication to excellence. After spending close to a decade in billing and claim denials for a health center in New Jersey, I have a unique vantage point of the pitfalls associated with specific insurance situations. In addition, I am in constant contact with many leaders in the industry for guidance and new Medicare strategies.”

Jeremias emphasized that MedicareDone is not just a “call center.” Each client’s situation is thoughtfully considered before selecting insurance plans. “I genuinely care about my clients. I go the extra mile to research insurance plans and prescription drug assistance plans for high-cost prescriptions.” The new inflation-reduction act will set a $2,000 drug cap, effective in 2025.

“While we can’t guarantee lower costs, MedicareDone can help explore different programs that are available for high-cost medications. There is a standard ‘extra help’ program offered by the government, but if one exceeds the assets and income level, there are still other options available that have higher income thresholds. We try hard to steer our clients in the right direction, assuring that they are well taken care of,” said Jeremias.

Jeremias considers it her duty to ensure the decisions made are suitable for the client’s health and financial situation, delivering highly personalized attention in a comfortable environment and creating an experience where a true partnership is formed.

She said, “Medicare has a lot of moving pieces and a plethora of communication that is sometimes counterintuitive. Having an independent agent walk people through the process helps ensure the decisions are indeed in their best interest. People sometimes assume a particular plan is the best way to go, without truly understanding the ramifications of their decisions.” Often people assume their Medicare supplement plan is the best, and simply continue to blindly roll over their coverage each year, sometimes to find out later they cannot afford the premiums as they have aged, and end up having to forfeit the policy. Others jump straight for Medicare Advantage due to its appealing price tag, without being fully educated on network limitations, prior authorizations and the need to review all of the market options on a yearly basis.

Additionally, Medicare has special rules regarding HSAs (health savings accounts), high-income earners, varied enrollment periods, Medicare versus Medicaid, avoiding penalties and so many other details that even an educated consumer can easily trip up. “Why not work with someone that has your back?” said Jeremias.

One of the nice advantages is that there is no cost for the services of MedicareDone. Yes—you read that right. Policies selected by Medicare consumers cost exactly the same as they would cost if they enrolled directly online or via phone, but MedicareDone does the legwork for you. It is a risk-free process because all plans have a disenrollment window if not completely satisfied, and MedicareDone will help you with that process as well.

Enrolling for Original Medicare (parts A and B) through the social security administration is the first step. Enrollment services are available online, by phone or in person. For those who are still working past age 65, MedicareDone can help you determine whether you need to sign up or it would be better to postpone enrollment to retirement. Once enrolled in Original Medicare the next decision is whether to add a Medigap/Medicare supplement plan or to consider a Medicare Advantage plan. “We review the pros and cons for each individual’s situation and help to make a choice that makes the most sense for that person. Part of this process is doing a needs assessment to see what is important to them in insurance, and to ascertain the current health and medication needs. Once we make this decision, we then preview both local and national insurance policy providers available and enroll in the best-fitting plan.”

Sometimes coverage and other needs change over time. In that case, MedicareDone will work with a client to review the current market options relevant to the change in their needs. As an independent agency, they really work for the client—not the insurance company. Client satisfaction is their top priority. So as changes and new competitive companies enter the market, they will review coverage plans yearly to ensure each client is well taken care of, on a continuing basis.

A common misconception that prevents many people from considering a better plan, noted Jeremias, is that people sometimes assume that if they change coverage to a new Medicare supplement plan, they stand to lose their benefits or their doctor won’t accept it. Fact: Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the government and have no network. As long as Medicare is accepted, the plan is accepted. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, if you are on plan “G,” for example, through company “A,” you will have the same medical benefits through company “B.” If you are in fairly good health, you don’t have to overpay for the same coverage. MedicareDone can help ascertain if your rate increases are still competitive and help you save money while keeping the coverage you love and want. You can do this even without making changes to your Medicare part D prescription coverage. Give MedicareDone a call and they will walk you through the process so you can spend more money on what you love, less money on insurance and less time tangled up in the maze of Medicare decision-making.

To find out how easy it is to get the coverage you need with the best options and the best cost, email Sarah Jeremias at [email protected], visit  or call 248-919-8193.

By Ellie Wolf


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