May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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Meet Rabbi Marc Spivak Of West Orange

Rabbi Marc Spivak is a community leader with diverse talents and interests. And one weekly publication that speaks to many of his passions is The Jewish Link.

He has been rabbi of Congregation Ohr Torah in West Orange since Rosh Hashanah 5764 (2003). He also serves as director of technology for the Wardlaw Hartridge School in Edison.

Rabbi Spivak received semicha from Yeshiva University, where he created the website, which allows people to hear and download university-level shiurim. He taught a rabbinic-level course on practical shechita for five years at YU, and still tests students for their shechita kabbalah. Rabbi Spivak is also mohel and serves as the local shatnez tester for the West Orange/Livingston community and other YU-affiliated communities.

Rabbi Spivak was born and raised in Brooklyn. He is married to Debra (Price), and they have two sets of twin sons: Yonatan, Yehuda, Eliezer and Ephraim.

The Jewish Link asked him a few questions about his fondness for the newspaper, and he responded with great alacrity (AKA right away).

Do you read the paper every week?


What features or columns do you often read?

The divrei Torah and Mordechai Schmutter’s articles are my favorites.

How do you and your family use the newspaper?

I write columns for the paper from time to time and talk about various articles with my family. My whole family reads it. We also send every issue to Maryland for my mother-in-law to read. She really enjoys reading it and connecting to her children’s and grandchildren’s schools.

Can you recall one particular news story or essay you read in The Jewish Link that surprised you, alarmed you, encouraged you, or gave you “news you could use”?

I have used a couple of things Mitchell First wrote in my shiurim. He writes an excellent column.

What does the paper mean to you?

The Jewish Link keeps us connected to the larger Jewish community. We love to see what is happening in the other shuls and schools.

Do you know someone who qualifies as a ‘SuperFan’ of the Jewish Link? If so, please let us know. Email referrals to [email protected].

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