December 2, 2023
December 2, 2023

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Miriam Schreiber’s Legacy Kosher Tours Redefines Travel With Historic Trip to Dubai

With light finally starting to emerge at the end of the COVID tunnel and Dubai opening up its borders to tourists once again, an upcoming Legacy Kosher Tours trip to the City of Dreams promises to be an opportunity of a lifetime, unlike any other.

Miriam Schreiber, founder of Legacy Kosher Tours, was already hard at work arranging the many details of a trip to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in December 2019, long before any frum groups had ever contemplated visiting the area. But when the pandemic hit, plans for the one-of-a-kind journey scheduled for March 2020 had to be postponed.

“As they say in Yiddish, ‘a mentsh tracht un Gut lacht,’ but we are finally able to bring our plans to fruition,” observed Schreiber.

Running from February 8 to 16, the Legacy Kosher Tours Dubai trip will offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore the history, culture and Jewish dimensions of the Gulf states, with visits to must-see attractions including Burj Khalifa, Emirates Desert Safari, Miracle Garden, Palm Island, Global Village and more. Living up to its reputation for exceeding expectations, the Legacy Kosher Tours trip will feature luxurious accommodations at a five-star, iconic waterfront resort in a prime location with an ultramodern fitness center, magnificent swimming pool and epic spa. As always, Legacy Kosher Tours’ Dubai trip will have daily minyanim, Daf Yomi and sumptuous glatt kosher mehadrin breakfasts, lunches and dinners that will dazzle the eyes and tempt the palate, with Rabbi Mordechai Becher and Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield enhancing the trip with Torah, inspiration and treasure troves of halachic and historic knowledge about the Gulf states, all delivered in their inimitable styles.

The incomparable Legacy Kosher Tours team will oversee details large and small, ensuring that there will be no worries and no unexpected expenses, their flair and creativity the key to creating priceless events, especially Shabbos in Dubai. With heartfelt ruach, inspiring baalei tefillah, soul stirring zemiros and thoughtful divrei Torah and, of course, lavish seudos beyond compare, it will be a Shabbos that will illuminate on every level, culminating in a melave malka to remember.

The full itinerary for the Dubai trip will, as usual, include surprises and unexpected touches. Participants will also have free time to strike out on their own, with optional seaplane and helicopter trips, a chance to test their mettle on the world’s largest zip-lining course and jet skiing and hot air ballooning available for thrill seekers, while those who prefer to relax will have an opportunity to soak up the sun or enjoy the incredible ambiance at a world-class hotel. Above all, the signature Legacy Kosher Tours touch makes every trip a unique experience that goes above and beyond like no other, that special sense of warmth and attention to detail making everyone feel like family.

A trailblazer in the field of luxury Jewish travel, Legacy Kosher Tours has built a reputation for creating remarkable experiences, weaving the wow factor into the fabric of every trip. Miriam Schreiber eagerly embraces the challenge of expanding the boundaries of kosher travel, identifying iconic luxury hotels, fascinating sites, amazing entertainment and intriguing guest speakers in unique locations, and meticulously planning every detail to create memories that will last a lifetime. A 2019 trip had Legacy Kosher Tours taking the first and only kosher group to Japan and South Korea, the itinerary carefully choreographed to avoid the halachic issues that can occur when crossing the international dateline, with Rebbetzin Chaya Small offering a rare perspective as she shared her World War II recollections with participants. Other tours have had guests enjoying the exclusive Four Seasons Koh Samui in Thailand, reveling in the splendor of a private island in the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and dining with Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein in South Africa, with Legacy Kosher Tours’ forays to Panama, Singapore and India the first-ever five-star trips to those fascinating locations offered to frum travelers. Always on the lookout to add additional dimensions to its trips, Legacy Kosher Tours is perpetually innovating—having food bloggers Naomi Nachman and Danielle Renov join its tours to shine the spotlight on local cuisine, albeit with a kosher twist, was yet another first in the world of kosher touring, as was a live feed that gave social media followers an opportunity to join a tour and enjoy a taste of travel, albeit remotely.

“We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, and nothing makes us smile more than making sure our customers are truly happy,” noted Schreiber. “Seeing the many friendships that have been forged during our previous trips is also especially rewarding.”

Having established Legacy Kosher Tours’ reputation as a trendsetter that offers unique and exclusive experiences, Schreiber is enthusiastic about the Dubai trip, once again setting out on a path that others will undoubtedly follow.

“We go out of our way to explore all of the issues to make sure that the frum traveler can experience amazing destinations without any worries,” said Schreiber. “I get asked a lot of questions on tours, but undoubtedly my favorite is ‘Where are we going next?’”

For more information, please call 224-735-0015 or email [email protected].

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