Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Although fashion savvy color followers saw a green trend emerging, many were still shocked by the specific shade of green announced for 2017. Dubbed “Greenery” and meant to evoke shades of nature, it reminded many of a very unnatural shade that someone’s face might turn before getting sick.

“Is there anyone around who can actually wear that color?” wondered many following the announcement. “Honestly. Cosmetics in that shade of green?” wondered others. “Maybe nail polish, but eyeshadow and lipstick will turn most skin tones sallow.”

Local designers offer suggestions for the best way to utilize this color. “Maybe if we combine many styles that people don’t understand, they will all blend together into one fluid mix of nonsense, thereby creating something beautiful,” suggested fashion guru Tim Gunn. He proposed a hi-lo top in the specific bright shade of Greenery, with large voluminous sleeves, fringe around the asymmetrical hem and a ruffle across. “It sounds like fashion cacophony but will actually be a work of art and synergy,” he explained.

With Greenery too edgy for most readers of The Jewish Link of New Jersey, its editors have come up with an alternate solution. “We know our readers like to keep up with the trends, but in this case we need the trend to keep up with us,” explained The Jewish Link owner and Co-Publisher Moshe Kinderlehrer in a recent press release. “Therefore, after consulting with knowledgeable fashionistas and independent color experts outside of the Pantone Institute, we present an alternate color of the year, Link Blue.” With hints of cobalt, Link Blue is an integral part of The Jewish Link of New Jersey, and is featured prominently in its logo, Facebook page and obviously throughout the weekly newspaper. This shade has come to represent integrity, warmth and dependability, elements for which The Jewish Link is known.

The response has been positive to this skin-tone-friendly choice. JLNJ Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Kratz offered advice for wearing this versatile color. “We strongly recommend not wearing this specific shade of blue as lipstick unless you are in a sequel to the Avatar movies. In fact, that piece of advice extends to wearing this shade anywhere on your face. Though nails and toes are a winner in Link Blue.”

“Link Blue goes with practically every color,” advised Fashion Link Editor Jenny Gans. “But we especially recommend it with black and white, for a full Jewish Link color palette.” Fashion savvy Jewish Link of New Jersey readers can find hints of this color’s favoritism within the staff in recent pictures, highlighting The Jewish Link staff and family members in Link Blue apparel, while others in the picture complementing this color with the aforementioned blacks and whites.

By Jenny Gans


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