Tuesday, August 16, 2022

There’s something in the spring air that makes us all want to do something a little different with our hair/sheitels. As we shop for the latest trends in fashion, we want our hair/sheitels to coordinate with the new season’s spring fashion as well. To complement the bold spring colors, hair colorists have turned to warm hues. Spring hair trends this year are mimicking the change in weather: “Out with the ice and in with the warmth.” Say goodbye to ashy platinum colors and hello to warm coppery, butterscotch and caramel tones. Everybody’s been asking me what is “bronde?” Bronde is a mix between golden blond and brown and will definitely be hot this season. Don’t be scared to try it—it’s a unique color that has the ability to complement all skin tones, so anyone can pull it off.

Giuliana Rancic from the fashion police helped popularize the lob (a long bob) and it is not going away because why get rid of a good thing? To change up an existing lob, texturize the bottom with choppy unfinished ends, giving it a natural “I just woke up” look. You’ll start seeing hair lengths at or right below the shoulder. Of course, extremely long hair is here to stay, so don’t be so quick to chop off that expensive sheitel hair. Consider instead treating yourself to a lob, which is reasonable in price since the hair is not that long. The biggest red carpet look this season is the slicked-back lob; the wet look is achieved with gel and gives one a sophisticated yet flirty look.

The shag, both long and short, will be a popular cut this season. Choppy layers give hair a textured yet messy look. Natural hair texture with a low-maintenance look will be huge. Bangs are making a comeback. Long bangs are incredibly versatile and can be styled in so many ways—split down the center sweeping to each side, side-swept bangs and even having the option of appearing bangless, if one twists and pulls back one’s bangs into a clip. Blunt bangs will be seen mostly on long wavy hair and lobs.

Along with spring comes Pesach. Let’s make Pesach our NYFW runway! While sprucing up your spring wardrobe don’t forget about hair accessories. Bandanas, and all types of braids, including braids with ribbon intertwined, were seen on the runways this season. Whether you’re shopping for a whole new look or looking to update your current one, be sure to consult with your stylist about a new color, cut or accessory to bring you up to date. Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be! Invest in your hair/sheitel as it is the crown you wear every day.

Sari’s sheitel tip: The easiest hair trick to spruce up your sheitel is the “hair flip.” It requires you to flip your hair back and forth between the different sides creating that height and volume in the front that we all want.

By Sari Friedbauer

 Sari is the owner of Sari’s Wigs, located in Teaneck. She is a licensed stylist and cosmetologist and can be reached at 201-694-5319 for consultations.



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