Friday, August 12, 2022

When Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashions fade, but style is eternal,” he was probably not addressing a teenager. Amid fights over homework, friends and technology, fashion can sometimes be the breaking point of parent-child culture clashes. So when my almost-13-year-old called my fashion choices for her into question, I should not have been surprised. But what she said made me think.

“Just because you’re a fashion editor for The Jewish Link doesn’t mean you really know fashion for middle school girls,” she said, without any attempt at chutzpah. She was merely stating a reality. Now, I think I have done a decent job of staying aware, if not au courant, but she had a point. Using the vast resources of fashion experts available through The Jewish Link, I went on a fact-finding mission to help keep parents aware, and thus restore teens’ faith in our knowledge.

Please understand that none of these is a “must buy,” nor are we at The Jewish Link endorsing certain brands. But as parents, everyone has a price point that rationalizes buying a trend. For me, a Costco Butter sweatshirt (Google it) and sweatpants for $18.99 was something I was willing to splurge on. Others may feel no amount of money is worth it, and some parents will be willing to spend more.

So, read on and feel armed with the knowledge of our local experts as you help outfit your burgeoning stylist and fashion-conscious young adult. This section is for parents of tweens and teens everywhere. If your child questions your judgment, just tell them “I read it in The Fashion Link.”

 By Jenny Gans


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