Friday, August 12, 2022

Want to never have a bad hair day this spring/summer? Well, you’re in luck with this season’s go-to pony trend. Ponytails have always been everyone’s comfortable backup hairstyle, and this season the pony has been transformed to easy, trendy works of arts that you can copy and create for yourself, giving you a new look every day. Whether you have super-long hair or an updated lob, there is a pony look that will work perfectly for you.

During this year’s spring/summer Paris fashion week, Chanel debuted sleek, nape-of-the-neck ponytails with assorted fabrics wrapping around them. Another popular look was the effortless low pony, with loose wispy strands and tendrils framing the face. The hair had a slight bit of a wave for a subtle mussed vibe. The accessory you choose to tie it together with will create for it either a polished or fun look.

If hair accessories are your thing, you will have so much fun this season, as the wrapped low ponytails are now the hottest trend. They are done in so many different ways that you will be sure to find a look you love. Bungee ponytails were seen on the runway in neon colors to create the sporty, fun pony look. Other stylists used pieces of fabrics from the designer’s own collection to tie the model’s hair into a low ponytail, then wrapped it around the hair several times going down the pony, finishing it off with a tied look. Black and neutral-color leather hair straps were also popular to create this look, which is a very easy, low-maintenance, yet sophisticated look. Chanel really upped this look by creating a Perspex super-long pony cover. Perspex is a clear plastic material, the same as Lucite or Plexiglass. The Perspex ponytail covers matched Chanel’s “waterproof” look for their collection, and as an aside, it also perfectly protects the hair from getting frizzy from the “April showers.”

This spring be sure to toss aside your typical black-elastic pony. Have fun and be creative with all the new trendy pony accessories. If you are a sheitel wearer this is certainly the season to invest in one of the many pony/updo wigs on the market, so that you can take advantage of feeling cool (no more heavy-weighted sheitel hair on your neck), while being chic and stylish this season. There are countless fresh takes on the ponytail this season—this sporty hairstyle has never been chicer!

By Sari Friedbauer

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairdresser and certified wigmaker. She is available for consults and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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