Friday, August 12, 2022

Hair trends this spring and summer aim to give hair new life with fresh ideas for cuts, while playing with various lengths. Shorter hairstyles are a must-try this season. The overall desired look is for “simple and beautiful.” Thankfully, we can say goodbye to complex hairstyles that require the use of all sorts of styling products. Hairstylists are aiming to return hair to its natural, clean, healthy and shiny state.

The bob/lob is continuing to gain more and more popularity, especially among celebrities. Lengths are raging from chin to shoulder length with the newest lob XL, which is an even longer length then the existing lob. It’s that awkward-length hair, which is neither long nor short, but it’s now the trendy length!

With so many variations of this popular cut be sure to choose the cut that will compliment your face the most. The choppy bob, like Naomi Watts’s bob, is one of 2018’s hottest haircuts and is here to stay. It can fall above or below the chin with subtle layers. This cut looks chic straight and amazing in waves. The lob traditionally falls right above or below one’s collar bone. The 2018 version of the asymmetrical lob is extremely subtle, with the front length just slightly longer then the back length. This cut is super sleek when flat-ironed straight. The blunt lob has been the most popular haircutsfor the past few years. The internal layers give it its wispy streamlined look and movement without looking layered. This cut is one of the most versatile looks as it’s universally complimentary. The cut works well with all types of hair textures.

The newest and biggest trend in the salon and on the street is the “French-girl bob.” It’s a sleek bob with blunt bangs. This has always been a popular look amongst French girls and is now becoming popular again in the U.S. It is an extremely sophisticated look and gives you instant glam.

Those who already have a bob/lob and want to try something new can transform their look by adding bangs. Bangs will be huge this season and banging everywhere! Blunt bangs, side bangs, baby bangs, wispy bangs and the whoops I cut my bangs too short look will be seen on all the models. The newest bang term you will hear is the “curtain bang.” It is the long soft bang that is past the stage of growing out by the cheekbone, and its making a real statement this year. It is a long, tapered look that works for every texture and length. They can be soft, long or side-swept bangs. If you are worried about your bangs becoming annoying by grazing your eyes, you can part them in the middle for the “curtain bangs” look, which is very current and prevents you from having to constantly blow them out of your eyes. The “curtain” styling also allows a longer, more dramatic bang to be more versatile, so you can change up your look daily by parting it in all different ways or pinning them back completely.

If you plan to stick to longer lenghs this season, ask for subtle layers, and face framing. Be sure they run seemlessly into each other and blend well together to avoid a choppy look. Long hair looks great with curtain bangs or you can choose soft, wispy light bangs. Another big trend for longer lengths this season is “long and blunt.” Hair that is one length without any layers or angles. It’s cut straight across and it is a very simple look that demands a lot of attention.

This season you’ll be seeing lots of bangs everywhere; mid-lengh is the new long and all types of bobs and lobs are here to stay. More natural-looking lengths are replacing the super-long lengths with looks of effortless styling that look and feel soft. Be sure to consult with your stylist as to which trend you can pull off best. If you’re still unsure, it would be best to cut an older wig into your desired style to see how you feel.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs, located in Teaneck. She is a licensed stylist and cosmetologist as well as certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

By Sari Friedbauer

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