Friday, August 12, 2022

While the Fashion Link has already discussed the difficulties involved in the early arrival of Rosh Hashanah this year, retailers are unpacking fall fashion daily and trends are in full swing. For anyone looking to get a head start on fall fashion, even if they can’t necessarily wear it right away, Adrianne Mittan of Rayna Boutique in Teaneck has arrived to help sort out where the fashion falls this season.

Prints and Patterns

Animal prints continue to be a “wildly” popular choice for fall. It gives an edgy look to fashion choices. This year animal prints are not limited to the fast cats of the jungle. Cheetah and leopard are joined by an increasing interest in reptile prints. Crocodile patterns and snake skin are being seen on all clothing in a wardrobe. These animals prints are getting an added pop for fall fashion and showing up in “out-of-the-box colorings not from nature,” as Mittan put it. Metallics, which continue to sparkle in fall fashion as they have the past year, bring their dazzling sheen to the animal look, too. Look for metallic reptiles, neon zebra and other combinations that are not the norm, but will really work to add some color and fun to the fall wardrobe.

This “out-of-the-box color” trend continues with camouflage patterns, especially in teen fashion. Olive is a fall color this season, so expect to see some genuine-looking camo dresses, but also look for this pattern in fun, new colors. “We’re getting camo dresses in pink and maroon. They are shiny fabrics, rather than cotton and even work for Shabbos,” said Mittan.

Stars have also been seen throughout fashion this season. The “celestial look,” as Mittan calls it, is shooting stars onto fashion pieces. Little stars, larger patterned stars or a mix of stars add a look not to be eclipsed by other trends.


“Fabric types in different textures are very in this fall,” said Mittan. “Think velour, crushed velvet, glossy materials, vegan leather and textured sweaters.” Many outfits are adding textures to parts of the garment rather than the whole thing. So if a leather dress seems like overkill, don’t worry. The style also leans toward enjoying the fabrics in details. Many dresses and skirts have leather piping, or patches of the textured fabric. Whatever the preference, we are seeing a shift toward a more tactile fashion experience this fall.


Are you not ready for an entire outfit in one of these funky new patterns or finishes? Not a problem. “We have loads of accessories in all these patterns,” said Mittan. “If someone likes animal print but doesn’t want a full cheetah skirt, they can try a belt or earrings,” she suggested.

Wardrobe classics that have been popular over the past few years continue to appear this fall as well. Ruffle sleeves, bubble dresses, pops of gold and relaxed-fit dresses can be found and merged with the current season’s styles. With so many options, there’s fall fashion for everyone.

By Jenny Gans

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